M2M communication is indispensable for all IoT / IIoT deployments. A lightweight middleware can readily manage & control your devices & will help you work on your core business challenge. This mandates the need for selection of perfect MQTT Broker for your IoT projects / implementation. Keeping this in mind we developed a powerful MQTT Broker with the full-fledged features to better manage your devices & to have a powerful IoT solution. We at Bevywise always strive hard to provide a best solution for our customers with complete functionalities & enhanced support. In that case we are introducing FREE version of MQTT Broker that supports all features with complete MQTT Support.

This is all about supporting a single user who needs to connect the minimum number of devices for his / her IoT projects / implementation.

FREE MQTT Broker-Complete MQTT Support

We built the MQTT Broker very much inline with the protocol specification of MQTT. Bevywise MQTT Broker supports 3.1 and 3.11 protocol specification. Beyond this, we have done a recent update that Bevywise MQTT Broker now supports MQTT 5 beta version. MQTT 5 specification is initially available only for ubuntu users. We will provide the availability for other operating systems soon.

Integration with Databases

IoT data needs to be integrated with databases or any big data engine. Hence we allow users to store data into any of their databases or big data engines such as MySQL, Elastic search, MongoDB, Redis or any other application as they need for further analysis and decision-making. You can process the data by them before they send it to the storage. MQTTRoute also provides a custom store option for data integration with any application.

Secured Communication

MQTTRoute has the most powerful & flexible security options. MQTTRoute provides an option to enable encrypted data transfer for enhanced data security. You can enable TLS/SSL communication for a secure data flow. You can also enable MQTT Authentication to securely connect your edge devices and make sure no one can intrude into the system.

Effectual Dashboard

MQTTRoute provides an option to view the list of connected devices and complete details about the device activities. Users are provided with an option to change the broker to their language via localization support. User Interface is the key to application output. Hence, MQTTRoute provides an option to customize UI with python hooks to integrate widgets based on need.

To know more about the features visit MQTT Broker page.

Download the FREE version of MQTT Broker now.

You can upgrade to the premium version to utilize the full-fledged functionalities of MQTTRoute continuously after your free-trial.

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