Celebrating 50 Customers & 5B+ Events

Celebrating 50 Customers & 5B+ Events

Today I am happy to share that we have clocked our 50th Business customer @ Bevywise Networks. It was indeed a great journey bootstrapping with a great team that has taken us where we are today.

The Early Days

We started building the products over MQTT.  Our initial aim was to build an IoT Simulation toolkit. We had an initial version of the product around the end of 2016. However, we were not able to create more value with that product at that point in time. We believed building a Central MQTT Broker would add more value to the overall ecosystem. One of the things that all the MQTT Brokers lacked at that time and even today is the extended ability options on storage. We quickly added the MQTTRoute and the multi-tenant-based IoT Platform by mid-2017.

The First Customer

We have been supporting a prospect for more than 4 months in the second half of 2017 as we do for most of the leads we generate till now.  Around the end of the 5th month, he shared his wish to pay for a product.  Then we finalized the price for the IoT Platform and then we clocked our first deal. At that point in time, the platform was halfway through its development and we had not even finalized the price for the product. We had our first 1000 devices IoT Platform deal from North America in November 2017.  

Failures all Along

From the early days, we have been trying to build hardware for home automation. We had a perfect prototype and concept building. But had to discontinue due to the funds.  However, we have been trying to build some hardware during the earlier days which all went in vain. Not only on the hardware part, but we also had to shelve some of the software products as well.  During the early days, we had been working with a few corporates building prototypes and complete products which I believe will be part of most starts up with the greater ambition.

Association with DERBI

During mid-2018, I was introduced to Mr. Natarajan, our advisor as part of the association with the DERBI incubation program. The association was beneficial and we started exploring a few verticals to work on. We had a strong belief that the Frameworks will have their own share of the pie for Bevywise and at the same time, we should be able to create value for one of the verticals. This is to ensure that we validate our Platform and at the same time, we had a complete end-to-end solution. We finalized to take up Manufacturing as the next domain. In the meantime, we tried building some tools/software for the Pharma and biotech over the IoT and even tried providing some demos at a couple of meetups.

World’s leading MQTT Broker

In one of the independent analysis done by the University of Szeged, Hungary, MQTTRoute was one of the top MQTT Brokers in terms of performance and the memory footprint when compared with all the leading MQTT offerings across the world.

Spanning out

During early 2019, we partnered with an edge data acquisition device company and started working on building products for smart manufacturing to enhance the OEE / Productivity of the shop floor. The initial version of the OEE Monitoring application was built over MQTTRoute and the later version for the enterprise Manufacturing execution system ( MES ) was built over the IoT Platform. Today we have a complete ready-to-use MES to monitor productivity across multiple departments for any enterprise manufacturing company and have successfully connected 300 + machines to our Platform.  We have a few surprises coming in the Manufacturing domain later this year.

Way to Go

With every product, it became a norm that we fail a couple of times before we get it right.  The same happened with our CyrstalMQ hosted cloud MQTT Broker offering. We successfully moved our framework offering to the cloud earlier this year. We are working on enhancing the experience and at the same time moving our Smart manufacturing offering to the cloud as well going forward.


It was a wonderful journey creating and executing the B2B business. Have learned a lot on the business side over the years and yet a lot to learn going forward.  I feel grateful to my family, friends, and customers.

Happy to look backward and see that we have built all these from the Tier II city of Tirunelveli, down south of Tamil Nadu. None of these milestones would have been possible without the great team. I am eternally grateful to all of our employees who have added their value all along our journey to bring us to the milestone we are today.

What our Customer says? 

Bevywise MQTT Broker is very reliable, powerful and a very affordable solution. The support understood our technical issues and solved them efficiently. We are happy for our decision to choose Bevywise for our Industry4.0 Implementation.

Ihsan Gulec,
Celikler Holding. Turkey.

Why is Integrated IOT Application the way to go ?

Why is Integrated IOT Application the way to go ?

Integrated IoT Application

Business today has a lot to be managed better.  Everything in an organization is related.  The power and other utilities consumption, employee availability and productivity, manufacturing process management and its utilization, predictive maintenance of the machines, Inward / Outward of materials, etc are today managed as Silos.  It does not make sense to digitize everything and still use them as siloed applications. It is crucial to bring everything into one application. The benefits of using it as one application from the management perspective are:

  • Have a better access control to various modules.
  • Deploy everything on one server and manage it better.
  • Employees need to remember a single identity.

Co related Data Analysis

The world is filled with data and the data needs to be analyzed at width and depth.  Data Analysis cannot be done when businesses uses multiple applications and the data is stored in Silos, in spite of all the digital transformation. Closer correlation of data is crucial to create compelling decisions.

For example, when the machine / department productivity and the energy consumed per machine is mandatory to be managed in a single application which can help use do some detailed analysis like power consumed per part produced and the reverse against the variance of days and the batches.  This deeper analysis becomes more cumbersome when the data is stored in silos.

Cloud Servers are more reliable

We have been running our cloud servers on AWS, Google, and Digital Ocean for the past 5 years and we have not even seen any downtime or server crashes. Cloud hosting has come a long way that it has become more reliable, secure, flexible and much more affordable.  Running an integrated application based on the business requirement is going to be much easier going forward. After setting up, we may just need to maintain the applications.  The applications again can be maintained easily with tools like docker, mmonit, Kubernetes and more.

Affordable Implementation

Industry4.0 is synonymous with a lot of data being generated, processed, and used in critical decisions.  When you go for an on-demand service, most service providers charge by the data used over time. However, when you have private hosting, the data is unlimited. This will increase your data traffic and the number of events you record without any increase in the data cost.  You may need to slightly increase the server configuration which will be very marginal against the data cost.

Create Customized Solutions

When you go by your own instances, you will have the complete flexibility to create your own reports and analysis. Out of our implementation of the IoT, we see that the requirement changes largely from one plant to another within the organization. So with a lot of custom build processes and data, we need more specific solutions to deliver the best RoI for your business.

The MQTTRoute, the top MQTT Broker has all the powerful extendability options to create & develop complex IoT Applications. The extendable python MQTT interfaces/hooks provide user interface customization, data aggregation & analysis, event data comparison with the processed data, Remote authentication & more. The python interfaces include Custom UI server, Custom data store, Custom storage, Custom scheduler & Custom Auth. You can play with the python hooks by downloading the forever FREE version of MQTT Broker to build faster applications.

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