Transforming MQTT Broker into IoT Application Framework

Transforming MQTT Broker into IoT Application Framework

Eat your own dog food is one of the most heard words from Sridhar Vembu when I was working for Zoho.   This is a practice done while we were creating Zoho Writer and Zoho document management system and is practiced today as well. It is nothing but using the software created by your company for your customers for their own internal purpose. This is one of the most simple and powerful ways to understand the problems faced by your customer.  It helps in identifying enhancements you can make on your software.  We  transformed the MQTT Broker into an IoT Application Framework practicing the same.  Over the past few months, we were building products for manufacturing execution system above our MQTTRoute

Data Collection & Storage

Against all the hosted IoT Code vendors like Google, AWS, Azure and the other MQTT Brokers like HiveMQ , Mosquitto, from the initial days, we wanted to build something more than just being a broker.  Message brokers just  transacts messages between interested machines & devices. One of the most not so scalable solution we inferred in market is building manager application behind an MQTT client. MQTTRoute had options to store data into any database which can be processed by the manager application. We had multiple hooks to receive data and manage your edge devices by sending commands to the edge devices.  The MQTT Broker came with an user interface ( a more technical one ) to view and manage devices.

What we learnt?

We have been seeing some of our customers directly querying our database or integrating it with the Google PubSub or Redis or Tableau for further processing and visualizing data. This was happening in spite of our user interface and device management options like send command to devices and the rules engine. However,  without any flaws, MQTTRoute is able to do the functions intended.

We started building the Daily production monitor for manufacturing industry (discrete process) as part of one of  MES initiatives. The development cycle helped us understand that the broker was doing its core right. But it does not 100% cover the requirements for building up a complete industry 4.0 application.

MQTTRoute 2.0 – The complete IoT Application Framework

We have been working hard to ensure that the complete internet of things application including user interface customization, data aggregation & analysis, event data comparison with the processed data.  All custom implementation can be done using the additional hooks. These hooks as of now are python based.  We will roll out the same, in a week’s time. We believe the new IoT application framework will help building and managing the industrial IoT applications faster and much easier within a single process.

Feel free to write to us if you have any specific need that needs to be addressed for your Industry Implementation.

Voice Control Devices using Alexa & Googlehome

Voice Control Devices using Alexa & Googlehome

Human race has been tied to actions by touch for a prolonged period. Touch is something bound to the extend to which you can stretch your arms and body. Sound and Vision goes a long way beyond horizons. The advent of image processing techniques largely influenced the addition of visual recognition to the machines. Along with the Industry 4.0 and the current home automation trend, a lot of innovation is happening over Sound. We can control everything around us with voice using voice hearing robots like Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Microsofts’ Cortana, Google Home / Assistant.

Home Automation leads the Voice Race

Voice and IoT go hand in hand, freeing users from being tied down by screens, data and physical inputs. Voice commands have arguably become one of the greatest and quickest way to control home devices. Just give a voice command from anywhere to automate your device at home. Turning on the air-conditioning before actually stepping inside the home. Turning off the lights when no one is in the room and controlling the brightness of light for energy efficiency. Adding connectivity to fire safety devices can provide house owners with the ability to monitor remotely and even send alerts to neighbors in the event of emergency. When you develop smart home for your customers, you need to get the IoT platform that already has voice integration. Bevywise IoT platform is one such platform that comes out of the box with integration for Google Home / Assist & Amazon Alexa.

Voice control in Industries

Industries today has not started embracing the voice as a primary medium. The world has been fed up with typing for a long time. It is time to rethink the integration of voice into the manufacturing echo system. Sirens has been used for a long time to mark time and alarms for emergency. However, we believe more reporting in the future will happen using voice than the need for texual reading and writing. Wherever you go the lighting and temperature controls all perform in concert to optimize your comfort based on your pre-determined personal indictors. In order to check the growth of a particular year, you can use voice control and this will create a graph show-casting the year’s growth in click through rates. This will eventually replace going through files manually.

We can strengthen the security of the industry instead of swiping cards. In addition, The proper functioning of your machines can be monitored periodically with a voice command anywhere, anytime. In order to start the meeting, just give a voice command to your voice assistant, it will turn on the video conference system and dial into the conference hall. The automation creates intelligent processes for monitoring and decision-making and to economize the supply chain and production.

Voice control in Health Care

With the advent of technology in medical care, we are generating a lot of medical records in the format of images and textual PDF. We are storing medical records in a highly secure environment. These data are highly analysed today to make very predictive solutions. One of the major integration we forsee for the medical care for the physicians are the integration of voice. We believe that physicians will be using more and more voice to pull out the medical records of patients and draw conclusions. This will be highly useful during surgical operations. Pulling records using voice will highly save time than manual entry of data on the screens.

The technology of voice recognization has come and long way so that the tools and devices today can understand variations in voice and also identify the owner to act accordingly.

You can connect your devices to the IoT Platform today by signing up to a fresh account.

Refer to the help documentation for how to integrate voice using Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

IoT Platform Enhanced – User Security & Permissions

IoT Platform Enhanced – User Security & Permissions

Bevywise IoT Platform is a versatile, highly extendable Server Implementation that help Solution providers scale up fast. With the Edge client, Mobile SDK , REST API & all, it helps get your service running in a few weeks. The IoT Platform caters to Industrial and Home needs with flexible charts and widgets and Voice controls. Bevywise IoT Platform enhanced with user security permissions.

Small & Medium business Solutions

When you build solutions targeting a particular industry / market, you will be hosting multiple customers on a single server. Only such a development will make the solution cost effective in maintenance and affordable to your customer. Bevywise IoT Platform by default supports multi tenancy. The Platform also provides enterprise scale dashboard, data visualization, device authentication and rule engine which helps the users to monitor & manage their device individually.

Users & Permissions for each Tenant.

Business of small and medium scale also needs better tracking / control of the operation done by each employee in the organization. With the current update, we are happy to provide a multiple login account for each of your customers (each tenant).

Each Tenant in the System will have a:

  • Super Admin
  • A few Admins
  • Normal Users

Grouping of Things

The new version will provide option to grouping of devices and machines based on departments to provide granular control. Permissions can be provided as read only or read / write based on the grouped devices. In a business organization, a few professionals can be allowed to send commands to the machines / devices while others can monitor the activity and view graphs.

Normal Users will be able to view / operate on single or multiple group of devices / machines for which they have been provided permissions.

Admins will be able to create new widgets & Dashboards (coming soon), provide permissions for users, create and manage created groups.

Super Admin is the account owner who will be able to add new users and do everything else Admin and Normal user can perform.

You can have a look at the complete set of Featurs of the Bevywise IoT Platform in the presentation

Feel free to write to support for a complete Demo.

Industrial IoT Gateway – Early Access

Industrial IoT Gateway – Early Access

We are happy to announce a preview release of the Industrial IoT Gateway. This version collects data  from the industrial machines / equipment that supports Modbus protocol for interfacing. In addition, We designed  gateway  in such a way to pull data out of the machines and convert them into MQTT.  Besides that,  Bevywise IoT Gateway can send the MQTT data to the IoT Platform or MQTT Broker. Above all, You will be able to set up the MQTT Broker / IoT Platform  at your own premises based on the need.  The gateway will also work with all  standard MQTT Platform  like Azure , AWS IoT , Google IoT Core , etc.,

Industrial IoT Gateway

The Industrial IoT Gateway comes with a configurable User Interface. The data location on the Modbus Slaves and the corresponding keys for interpreting the data can be configured easily from a browser window.  In the preview version, you can connect the gateway with a maximum of 10 Slaves. You can configure  the monitored query interval based on the severity of the process / machines. We built the Industrial IoT gateway to  ensures the minimal data loss with local niche making sure the data loss.

Early Access

The Gateway can be run on Linux / Ubuntu , Windows 64 bit & Raspberry pi. We can make it work on any micro operating system based on the need. Do write to support or contact us for getting a preview of the Gateway.

Bidding Adieu – Thank you 2018

Bidding Adieu – Thank you 2018

A year is a long time that runs like a few seconds. As we approach the year-end, it is time we take a moment to cherish, appreciate the achievements, retrospect the mistakes and issues and say a thank you 2018 and welcome 2019 as it is going to be a wonderful year for the IoT startup with increased adoption and refinement.

Thank you 2018

Thank you almighty for creating a great team that makes the Bevywise ship cruise forward. Every business needs someone to pay their bills. Yes with great respect, we thank our customers who have put trust on us and given us confidence with their cheque. Could not ignore to thank those who tried our tools and visit our website gave us feedback and hope that we are steering forward on a daily basis. Thanks to our Partners who have taken us to the businesses where we could not have reached ourselves. Thanks to friends and Family who have patiently waited and waiting for us to grow.

As we bootstrap, we have been contemplating for over a year to set up a business office at Bengaluru (the IOT Capital of India). Thanks to DERBI for incubating us and mentoring us for the greater future.

Overall IoT Startup Market Improving

The Market grows with more adoption. There were a lot of predictions that forecast in a different direction. One of the real measures of the market growth is the investments have gone in the previous year and this into the IoT Startups. We decided to go to the MQTT way since the start. The Specification and the technology are getting refined with the MQTT 5 version expected in early 2019.

Maturing Products

A Tech specification cannot be made as a product. Products need to be somewhere in between the technology and human. Technology products go through an early phase of failure as it transforms from technology implementation to human usable form. The products has been transforming and the products adoption and customer acquisitions in the second half of 2018 validate it.

Learning & Sharing

As an IoT startup, we are continuously learning from every perspective. A lot of miss than hit still happening with prospects, conversion, technology, usability, business perspective, and et al. At the same time we by policy take time to share our learnings as Best Practices with the community for a betterment of the total ecosystem. As the ecosystem grow, we grow. It is important for a technology company to continue doing it and we expect more to come in 2019.

The year Ahead for IoT startup

Even though time is a virtual demarcation, the dawning year always brings a lot of hope and energy. 2019 is going to be a great year for the IoT startup with increased adoption and refinement. We are quite excited to connect with more prospects / customers to learn and share the unfolding story.

Thank you 2018 and Wish everyone a happy Christmas and a Prosperous 2019 !!