Top 10 Benefits of Automating your Home

Top 10 Benefits of Automating your Home

The word “smart” which all of us expect in our day-to day life either in the form mobile phones, watches etc. Because these are the powerful tools that make our life much easier. Every advancement in technology enhances their impressive capabilities that we can utilize at our fingertips. Hence, the next big step towards smart technology is automating home. The benefits of home automation not only upgrades the home to be smarter but also provides a new lifestyle. This article covers the overall benefits of automating home.

Benefit -1 Enhanced Home security

As the famous quote says “safety is the first priority “, safety is the major concern for all people. One of the greatest benefits of home automation system is that it provides high level security. Through an automated home security system people can lock their doors even with the tap of their finger. It allows people to monitor who is entering home always and get alerted each time when someone enters. Therefore, this quickly eases the mind of people who are worrying about their home safety.

Benefit -2 Safety on Appliances

Home automation provides added protection to the home & family. It provides a complete control over lighting, power, heating devices & electrical devices with a touch of finger tip. Hence, this prevents the unexpected fire hazards & severe scenarios. This even provides the security alerts to neighbours to make an immediate action towards safety.

Benefit -3 Trimming Energy

Automating home will keep people away from spending more energy. It will eliminate the power consumption of unaccompanied devices & appliances.  They will have precise control over healthy and cooling of home that suggests the best energy efficient throughout the day. Automatic adjusting or switching off lights, air-conditioners etc when not in use. By using less power people will get benefited by reducing monthly energy costs.

Benefit -4 Convenience & Luxury

With home automation system people can conveniently control or operate lighting, heating & electrical devices using remote controls. Considering the situation, when we comeback home after sometime, we experience it either too hot or cold. We feel it is inconvenient as it usually takes a good amount of time to increase or decrease the temperature.  With the benefits of home automation, we can adjust the thermostat from anywhere before reaching home. This makes it more convenient.

Benefit -5 Become more productive

Since we are living in a very fast-paced environment, we don’t have time to worry about our home. Hence, Home automation is a beneficial system for a busy person who has a great deal of to-do list at work.

Benefit -6 Home automation Saves Money

Home automation system saves money. The beneficial impact the home automation system can provide is on the utility bill. People will no longer spend more money for household appliances in the form of energy wastage. This helps in reducing electric costs and saving money.

Benefit -7 Elderly ease and Baby proofing

Through the benefits of home automation system, people can keep their eye on children. The integrated baby monitors & alarms with a smart home system can check the safety of infants. As people age, simple works will become difficult. With features like voice command, home automation provides freedom & ease to the elderly.

Benefit -8 Healthy living made easy

For decades, Cities such as New Delhi, California, Skopje and Beijing from different countries in the world have been highly dealing with poor air quality. However, the air inside home is often more polluted than the air outside. Such conditions affect the health of the family. Home automation system with thermostat can monitor for conditions like air quality & humidity and can be integrated with air purifiers to address the ever growing problem of air pollution inside home.

Benefit -9 Promoting Peace of mind

Home automation is a perfect investment for those who habitually worry about whether they take care of everything at home before leaving. It provides a complete control on all home devices with a better sense of security providing a great relief from obsessive worry.

Benefit -10 Contributes to economy

Using the necessary amount of energy & resources is also the biggest way to contribute to the economy. Hence, home automation will surely boost our economy.

Are you a Home Automation solution provider looking for server side application, we provide a complete end to end server framework with

  • Complete MQTT support to connect any devices & gateways
  • Powerful rules to control devices & create alerts
  • Secure communication
  • Powerful UI to manage connected devices

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Transforming MQTT Broker into IoT Application Framework

Transforming MQTT Broker into IoT Application Framework

Eat your own dog food is one of the most heard words from Sridhar Vembu when I was working for Zoho.   This is a practice done while we were creating Zoho Writer and Zoho document management system and is practiced today as well. It is nothing but using the software created by your company for your customers for their own internal purpose. This is one of the most simple and powerful ways to understand the problems faced by your customer.  It helps in identifying enhancements you can make on your software.  We  transformed the MQTT Broker into an IoT Application Framework practicing the same.  Over the past few months, we were building products for manufacturing execution system above our MQTTRoute

Data Collection & Storage

Against all the hosted IoT Code vendors like Google, AWS, Azure and the other MQTT Brokers like HiveMQ , Mosquitto, from the initial days, we wanted to build something more than just being a broker.  Message brokers just  transacts messages between interested machines & devices. One of the most not so scalable solution we inferred in market is building manager application behind an MQTT client. MQTTRoute had options to store data into any database which can be processed by the manager application. We had multiple hooks to receive data and manage your edge devices by sending commands to the edge devices.  The MQTT Broker came with an user interface ( a more technical one ) to view and manage devices.

What we learnt?

We have been seeing some of our customers directly querying our database or integrating it with the Google PubSub or Redis or Tableau for further processing and visualizing data. This was happening in spite of our user interface and device management options like send command to devices and the rules engine. However,  without any flaws, MQTTRoute is able to do the functions intended.

We started building the Daily production monitor for manufacturing industry (discrete process) as part of one of  MES initiatives. The development cycle helped us understand that the broker was doing its core right. But it does not 100% cover the requirements for building up a complete industry 4.0 application.

MQTTRoute 2.0 – The complete IoT Application Framework

We have been working hard to ensure that the complete internet of things application including user interface customization, data aggregation & analysis, event data comparison with the processed data.  All custom implementation can be done using the additional hooks. These hooks as of now are python based.  We will roll out the same, in a week’s time. We believe the new IoT application framework will help building and managing the industrial IoT applications faster and much easier within a single process.

Feel free to write to us if you have any specific need that needs to be addressed for your Industry Implementation.

Bidding Adieu – Thank you 2018

Bidding Adieu – Thank you 2018

A year is a long time that runs like a few seconds. As we approach the year-end, it is time we take a moment to cherish, appreciate the achievements, retrospect the mistakes and issues and say a thank you 2018 and welcome 2019 as it is going to be a wonderful year for the IoT startup with increased adoption and refinement.

Thank you 2018

Thank you almighty for creating a great team that makes the Bevywise ship cruise forward. Every business needs someone to pay their bills. Yes with great respect, we thank our customers who have put trust on us and given us confidence with their cheque. Could not ignore to thank those who tried our tools and visit our website gave us feedback and hope that we are steering forward on a daily basis. Thanks to our Partners who have taken us to the businesses where we could not have reached ourselves. Thanks to friends and Family who have patiently waited and waiting for us to grow.

As we bootstrap, we have been contemplating for over a year to set up a business office at Bengaluru (the IOT Capital of India). Thanks to DERBI for incubating us and mentoring us for the greater future.

Overall IoT Startup Market Improving

The Market grows with more adoption. There were a lot of predictions that forecast in a different direction. One of the real measures of the market growth is the investments have gone in the previous year and this into the IoT Startups. We decided to go to the MQTT way since the start. The Specification and the technology are getting refined with the MQTT 5 version expected in early 2019.

Maturing Products

A Tech specification cannot be made as a product. Products need to be somewhere in between the technology and human. Technology products go through an early phase of failure as it transforms from technology implementation to human usable form. The products has been transforming and the products adoption and customer acquisitions in the second half of 2018 validate it.

Learning & Sharing

As an IoT startup, we are continuously learning from every perspective. A lot of miss than hit still happening with prospects, conversion, technology, usability, business perspective, and et al. At the same time we by policy take time to share our learnings as Best Practices with the community for a betterment of the total ecosystem. As the ecosystem grow, we grow. It is important for a technology company to continue doing it and we expect more to come in 2019.

The year Ahead for IoT startup

Even though time is a virtual demarcation, the dawning year always brings a lot of hope and energy. 2019 is going to be a great year for the IoT startup with increased adoption and refinement. We are quite excited to connect with more prospects / customers to learn and share the unfolding story.

Thank you 2018 and Wish everyone a happy Christmas and a Prosperous 2019 !!

Bengaluru Traffic Problem & Suggestions

Bengaluru Traffic Problem & Suggestions

Excuse for late arrival has become a norm as everyone has one reason for their delay – Bengaluru traffic problem. I felt really bad for the first couple of times when I was new to Bengaluru arriving late for meetings.  I get use to it slowly. But let me raise up before I get accustomed to it. Here are few of my thoughts how we can increase the efficiency of the overall transport.

The false belief – The tables turned

People started using personal cars as it highly saved the time for people. But we don’t have that luxury anymore. Going by a personal car or by a public transport does not make a big difference. Most of the workforce in Bengaluru does cognitive work. At least when you don’t drive, you have to give your mind a more time to think. At least take a nap to be productive later. With an availability of a lot of Air conditioned busses, I believe given the right infrastructure around the transport, people will be ready to adopt.

Shared Rides are good But not 4 passengers

Shared rides in Ola / Uber really saves a lot of space on the road. But when the ride goes a merry go around trip, it again uses more road space then what is needed. It is time that the algorithm used by Ola / Uber should get more streamlined so that the required commute / actual commute comes down drastically. I hate Share as it loads (not boards) three person at the back seat of car making it really tough to commute and making me shift back to solo hires.It will be good if they reduce it to 3 passengers for a peaceful ride.

Dynamic Speed Limit

The speed limit currently set at 40 is good and I believe that has reduced a lot of accidents in Bengaluru. But when the roads are open after the peak hours, the speed limit should be increased. It is better to adopt a dynamic speed limit in at least wide roads like ORR. Having said that it is not to set a limit from hour to hour basis which will fail during unprecedented traffic.

Google today has a lot of information about how traffic in every city operates. Google can accurately saw how much time it will take to reach from one place to another considering all the forthcoming confession into its algorithm.Create the Speed limits dynamically using Artifactual intelligence and display it for cars to follow.In a sense this will make the pre peak traffic flow faster giving lot of room for the peak traffic.

Make it walkable

People often use cars as they feel a longer walk or unsafe to walk from their home to the nearby terminal of public transport. A few places in Bengaluru especially west around IISC has a lot of trees and I believe even when you walk a few Kms, you won’t find yourself exhausted. But when you walk in-between concrete jungles, you will be. People will start walking when there are enough pavements and sun shades (trees). There should be the better markings in the road signs and the pedestrian crossings  to make it more safer.

Car Pool Lane

There is no car pool Lane even in the broad roads. Given the number of cars on the road, it is even better to allocate two lanes for the car pool to increase car pooling and reduce the number of single person occupied cars.

Autos rickshaw saves a lot

Auto rickshaw is one of the major transport system. If the pollution levels are brought down, people will use more autos than cars. Autos on the overall will use a lower space on the road then cars. Shared Auto rides with 7 seater autos are common in Chennai. But I don’t see them in Bengaluru. Not sure whether it is a government decision to keep them off.

Empty Busses Off the Road:

I always see a few A/C Busses that come for the same destination and a very few passengers in each bus. This happens at the peak traffic as well.It is better to keep these busses off the road and ply it on demand. We may sometime need to lower the efficiency of the professionals for the overall efficiency of the Transport corporation. By keeping these buses out of road, we will be able to increase the person to bus ratio to a better extent.

Cost – a Major Factor

Cost is always a concern for every Indian citizen. The good news is that the A/C busses price cut a few months back has increased adoption of the busses. But I believe it is still on a higher side for people to ride. Government should also think about working closely with the Shared ride providers like Ola / Uber to bring down the cost to increase people to move away from single occupant cars. For overall Bengaluru to be efficient, few of the services may need to loose some more money on the A/C bus tariff to increase adoption.

Due to the Bengaluru traffic problem, it takes more than 5 to 6 minutes for a kilometre of ride during peak hours. Not everyone will have the luxury to use a non peak hour drive to office.People who have to be on time to office waste most of their time on the road. A survey in 2015 states that 60 crore man hours are wasted in traffic per year in Bengaluru alone.This is a very serious number and translates to thousands of crores of money in value. Time to rethink transport for a better living.

With the advent of the IoT we will be able to get more and more data about every aspect of the traffic and the road. If we can put these data into right use and with all the above mentioned possible options, the Bengaluru traffic problem and the mental stress can be brought down to a liveable extent.

Free IoT Products for your Non Commercial Projects

Free IoT Products for your Non Commercial Projects

During  College / research time, everyone cannot afford premium products for non commercial projects.  Free IoT Products will help students, researchers, professors today help do research to innovate new  things. It also helps them better to challenge the future world.  IoT , AI , ML  & Edge Computing are few of the fast growing technologies in the world today.
We at Bevywise Networks would like to take this opportunity to encourage the students, teachers and researchers community with a free complimentary license.  These products can help them do their research much easier and in a cost effective way.  We provide edge clients for the various operating System , MQTT Broker , IoT Simulator tools and an IoT Platform. The hosted IoT Platform (Bevywise Device Manager ) is always free and can be used for your testing.  How can you utilise these tools for your projects.

Building Edge Devices with Free IoT Products

MQTT is one of most widely adopted protocols for industrial and general purpose IoT Implementation. If you are building any edge device as part of your project, then you can utilise the MQTT Broker as your Message broker for your implementation. This will help you collect messages (events) from your edge devices, send commands to your edge devices as well using APIs.

Building Application for a Vertical

MQTT Broker is a perfect middleware which can collect the information from your edge device and then hand it over to your backend application or data store as required. You will be able to build an application for a Small and medium business use case with the MQTT Broker. We already have some integration done for MongoDB , ElasticSearch, Redis, etc.

With custom storage option

  • Do data analysis over these big data engines
  • Connect to your Big Data Engine
  • Integrate it with any IoT Application

If you are looking for a large scale project which needs an IoT Platform kind of framework, we can also work out a model to make it available for researchers and students.  Our simulation tool can help you test your application using different variations of data.

To start with you can always download all our products for a FREE evaluation.

If you feel our tool would help us achieve your goal, feel free to check if you can choose our  FREE perpetual license.

MQTT Broker in Alibaba Cloud – Secure hosting

MQTT Broker in Alibaba Cloud – Secure hosting

Alibaba is the most used cloud hosting provider in China.  This article provides a step by step procedure to set up the MQTT Broker in Alibaba cloud.  Bevywise MQTT Broker just needed a Ubuntu instance to host the broker.

Setting up the Alibaba Cloud for MQTT Broker:

  1. Select the Elastic Compute Service and create Ubuntu instance with minimum 1 CPU, 2GB RAM, 40 GB Disk with  Intel Xeon processor.
  2. After creating the instance, reset the password for ssh login.
  3. Create a inbound and outbound rule to ssh
    • To create outbound and inbound rule, expand “Network and  Security” and select “Security Group”.
    • In that page select “Add Rule”, it lead to Ingress and Outbound  page.
    • Click “Add Security Button” on the top right corner, it lead  to “Add Security Group Rule“.
    • In that Window select “Protocol type” as SSH and  “Authorization Objects” as for access the Port  from any where or give specific IP address from which you  access SSH.
    • Do allow inbound flow of traffic for the following ports as well – 1883, 8080, 8081, 443 & 8883 
  4. Alibaba instance can be easily used via a remote connection from Windows, Ubuntu and MAC.
  5. Remote Connection from Windows:
    1. Download PuTTY from or from other PuTTY download source. The “putty.exe” download is good for basic SSH.
    2. Save the download to your C:\WINDOWS folder.
    3. If you want to make a link to PuTTY on your desktop:
      1. Open the C:\WINDOWS folder in Windows Explorer.
      2. Right click on the putty.exe file and select Send To > Desktop
    4. Double-click on the putty.exe program or the desktop shortcut to  launch the application.
    5. Enter your connection settings:                                                                                                                                                                               Host Name: <Alibaba Public IP address>
      1. Port: 22 (leave as default
      2. Connection Type: SSH (leave as default)
    6. Click Open to start the SSH session.
    7. If this is your first time connecting to the server from this computer, you will see certain output. Accept the connection by clicking Yes.
    8. Once the SSH Connection is open, you should see a terminal prompt  asking for your username:
      login as: Connect with your SSH user of choice.Next, enter your  password.
    9. Please note that you will NOT see your cursor moving, or any  characters typed (such as ******), when typing your password. This is     a standard PuTTY security feature. Hit enter.
      Using keyboard-interactive authentication.
    10. You are now logged into your server with SSH.
  6. Remote login from Liunx and MAC:
    • Open terminal and type [email protected]<public Alibaba IP>” and hit enter.
    • Type the password which you have reset in Step2.
    • You are now logged into your server with SSH.

You must have created an Ubuntu server by now and might have tested access to the server from Windows or  Linux or MAC. The next step is to transfer MQTT Broker to Alibaba.

Download the MQTT Broker

The MQTT Broker can be downloaded using the following button. The MQTT Broker has a 30 day trial version which supports upto 100 devices. You have to download the Ubuntu Version

Download Now

Transfer MQTT Broker to Alibaba

For Windows:

  1. Download the PSCP utility from by clicking the file  name link and saving it to your computer.
  2. The PuTTY SCP (PSCP) client does not require installation in  Windows, but runs directly from a Command Promptwindow.  Move the download PSCP.exe file to the any location and note  the location
  3. Set the Environment Path for the PSCP.exe file.
  4. Open the Command Prompt window.
  5. Type “pscp <BevywiseMQTTRoute zip path> [email protected]<serverpublicIP>:/home/” and hit enter. The zip file will be automatically copy to the /home  location of Alibaba Ubuntu instance

For Linux & Mac:

  1. 1. Open terminal and type below command .
    scp <BevywiseMQTTRoute zip path> [email protected]<serverpublicIP>:/home/”
  2.  Zip file will be saved in the /home location of Alibaba Ubuntu  instance.

Starting MQTT Broker in Alibaba Cloud

It is very easy to set up MQTT Broker in Alibaba cloud. You can simply follow these steps to achieve it.

  1. Login to the Alibaba Ubuntu server via SSH and go to /home location via           “cd /home” command
  2. Type “unzip” and hit enter. Now MQTT Broker file will be extract in /home location under the Bevywise folder.
  3. Go to the file Bevywise by below command and hit enter.
    “cd Bevywise/MQTTRoute/bin”
  4. Open the data_store.conf file which is inside the conf folder.

    “vim /home/Bevywise/MQTTRoute/conf/data_store.conf”

    In that file change follow conf and save the file:

    DB_SERVER = MYSQL and give MySQL username and password 

    MYSQL_USER = <username>

    MYSQL_PASSWORD = <password>

  5. Run the Bevywise MQTT broker using the following command. It is advisible to run the Broker in the background mode to make sure the broker runs even after you close the terminal.

Run MQTT Broker in Alibaba as a Service

If you don’t run MQTT Broker in Alibaba cloud as a service, then it will quit when you close your ssh session. So make sure you run the MQTT Broker as a service.

To run the MQTTBroker as service we need the Monit version 5.25 and it cannot be installed using the apt-get. The procedure to set up the monit is as follows. This application will ensure that the service will be started again when the server gets restarted.

  • Download the Monit for linux X64 or X86 based on your servers.
  • Extract the archive using tar -xzf < downloaded file >
  • Go to monit-5.25.2/bin
  • copy monit to /usr/bin folder – sudo cp monit /usr/bin
  • Go to monit-5.25.2/conf
  • copy the monitrc file to “/etc/” using below command – sudo cp monitrc /etc/
  • Modify the monit conf file. Uncomment the following lines in /etc/monitrc file.  use sudo vi /etc/monitrc. Change the username and password as per your  need.
    set httpd port 2812 and
           use address localhost # only accept connection from localhost  (drop if you use M/Monit)
           allow localhost # allow localhost to connect to the server and
           allow admin:monit # require user ‘admin’ with password ‘monit’ 
  • Add the following at the end of the /etc/monitrc file
    check process MQTTRoute with pidfile < path to Bevywise/MQTTRoute >/
         start program = “< path to Bevywise/MQTTRoute >/bin/”  with timeout 2 seconds
        stop program = “< path to Bevywise/MQTTRoute >/bin/”  with timeout 2 seconds
  • To reload the confirmation changes, run sudo monit reload
  • Add MQTTRoute process to monitoring sudo monit start MQTTRoute

We have hosted a Chinese version of MQTT Broker here.  Do give it a try and let us know your feedback. We would be always ready to help you with setting up the MQTT Broker in Alibaba. Feel free to post your queries and support requirement to our support.