Announcing IoT Dashboard for AWS IoT

Announcing IoT Dashboard for AWS IoT

We live in an inherently visual world, where pictures speak louder than words. Also, our attention is more readily attracted towards visuals rather than a series of numbers or groups of words. Hence, visualization is much more important especially when it comes to big data. Keeping the Visual aspects of data as the core, we are building our MQTT Broker 3.0 with a complete Visualization dashboard. We expect the MQTT Broker version 3 to be ready for general public by end of this month. We wanted to do something for the community with our powerful and easy to create widgets. We are announcing our FREE version of IOT Dashboard for AWS IOT.

AWS, a built-in IoT platform is a most comprehensive widely adopted one that could process the billions of data. It is necessary to understand these data that’s being collected so that we can monitor and tweak the process to ensure the connected device is performing the way it should. Hence we introduce, IoT Live Dashboard to visualize & monitor data of real-time devices connected to AWS IoT. You can now unlock the true value of data by transforming the IoT data into intelligence and actions with the delicate IoT Live Dashboard.

Visualizing the IoT Data

Organize & present data in a way you need to have a perfect visualization of data & monitor assets remotely. IoT Dashboard transforms all your IoT data into effective visualizations with the countless dynamic widgets such as graphs, charts, gauges etc. By viewing the data as a chart or graph or as any other visualization types, you will be able to understand the data easily & can transform the data into an actionable insight. It provides an accessible way to view & understand trends, outliers in data and other performance metrics to improve business efficiency. The visual form of IoT data will enable you to make quick and effectual & compelling decisions since it is much easier for you to comprehend information through visuals rather than the raw reports. With an interactive visualization, you can take a step further by drilling down into historical & live data to grasp or identify new patterns easily.

Widgets for varied use cases

IoT Dashboard consists of pre-built dynamic widgets that lets you choose the right visuals for your IoT Data. The pre-built widgets include Text, Color, Line chart, Bar chart, Guage chart, Horizontal Guage, Vertical Guage, LED Light. These pre-configured widgets are scalable & flexible to fit all your deployments and for your diversified use cases. To have a combined view of real-time data & historical data, the Line chart & Bar chart widget can be the best option. Vertical & horizontal gauges can be best suitable to visualize changes & improvements in order to respond to a time sensitive operational events. The widgets are flexible to change the colour & you can set the colour for each offset value that you desire to have.

A Key to explain Layman

IoT Dashboard is designed in such a way that the visual form of real-time data it provides can be easily understandable by layman. So, that they can comprehend the issues to full extent and can take actions. Moreover, the gauges widget enables users to present the data on a relative scale with dials of different colours that helps them identify the issues without knowing the data. The text widget with different colour changes will alert the users & help them to capture anomalies easier & to make necessary decisions.

Supports AWS IoT Core

AWS lets the associated device interface securely and process the billions of data originating from more interconnected devices to AWS endpoints. However, in AWS it is not possible to straightly connect the tools to analyze the approaching messages and their data rate. To monitor and analyze the sent data, and to know the measure of data sent IoT Dashboard, assumes a fundamental job. The Live data on the quantity of approaching and active messages and their data rate can be visualized and monitored using the widgets available in the IoT Dashboard. It likewise empowers the client’s to link maps, graphs, gauges, and data streams in this real-time, interactive data visualization dashboard.

To utilize the complete features of IoT Dashboard, download it for free.

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Thank You 2019, Hello 2020!

Thank You 2019, Hello 2020!

2019 has been a great, wonderful and successful year. The success of the year has boosted us to cherish ourselves and work still hard for the better 2020. We are more excited to close out 2019 and look forward to a more opportunities and achievements awaiting with lots of hope. To kick start the dawning year with more energy we would like to thank 2019 for the lessons learnt.

Thank You 2019

Thank You 2019 for making us stronger and for bringing lots of achievements and success. This would not have been possible without a great team. We know that every business needs customers. We have a great deal of respect and thanks to our customers who have put trust on us. Could not ignore to thank those who tried our tools by downloading and visiting our website & giving us feedback. We had 40 % more downloads and 20 % more customers in 2019. A special thanks to our partners from India & Brazil who believed and taken us to the next level with their huge commitment and active contribution.

A heartfelt thanks to our family and friends for their great support towards us that helped us to achieve great things.

A Little Throwback

The progression of the world over internet is taking place at a rapid rate than expected. Hence, A defining trait of a successful IoT product is a clear, well-defined reason for the product to exist and also its cost effectiveness. We have done great launches and product updates in 2019.

Devops is one of the most important need for the IOT Solution. Unfortunately all product vendors will not have the bandwidth to have their own team to manage their servers. As a framework provider, we are determined to help our customers with a hosted MQTT Services on a dedicated server and to make it available for all Business organizations with an affordable price. 63 % of manufacturers believe that deploying IoT technology will increase profitably over next 5 years and are set to invest $267 billion in IoT. This is because manufacturing Industries are gaining more insight about crucial & real time informations through IoT to make informed strategic decisions. Hence we developed a production monitoring system, Pace DPR / OEE DPR to provide manufacturers a complete visibility and analytics into production. This can help them reduce the cost by saving more than 12% on repairs & 72% on decreasing downtime.

To Ensure, future generations are aware of upcoming trends is a social responsibility. Every student cannot afford premium products for their non-commercial / educational projects. Hence, by recognizing the limited budgets available for academic, we unveiled a specially-priced version of our Bevywise IoT for Education pack. We also provide FREE license for IoT products for students academic projects. As a startup, we know the painstaking efforts every entrepreneur will take and hurdles they face to achieve their goal. Hence we introduced a startups pack for MQTT Broker & IOT Simulator which is more affordable with all the features.

Special thanks to YourStory media and Vishal Krishna, who gave a great write up about Bevywise Networks and closed 2019 for us with great memories.

A Great Year ahead

The world has started tasting the fruit of the Initial IOT deployments. We can control our houses without straining. Industries like Manufacturing were able to view reports and control production environment without moving their fingers. Health care is getting remote and dream of home care is coming alive.

Undoubtedly, 2020 will be a big & exciting phase for IoT. By 2020, there will be upto 21 million devices connected with IoT across the globe. The number is huge, because it is practically impossible for any business organizations to stay away from IoT. The peak reach is due to the worldwide rise in IoT technology development & implementation. We are quite excited to connect with more business to make their lives easier and more powerful. Let us wrap 2019 with a bow and start 2020 with the bang!

Wishing everyone a fulfilling & promising year ahead!

Bevywise IoT for Education

Bevywise IoT for Education

IoT is the future connectivity, Are we enabling the classrooms of today to embrace and adapt with the technology!”.

Industries of today like manufacturing, logistics and more have adapted the IOT technology transformation to build custom implementation and powerful analytical applications using AI/ML integration with IOT application framework. So are the education industry ready for the challenge to groom the students for the IOT revolution?

No problem, Bevywise IOT for education is here to guide you all the way.

Package with Benefits

Bevywise facilitates the intuitive understanding of deterministic concepts with the IoT Educational pack. For instance, with Bevywise Enterprise MQTT Broker setup in the premise, students and teachers can manipulate joint deterministic distributions to perform inference. Integrate AI/ML and configure dynamic messages into the MQTTRoute. Students are granted access to write custom code, deploy AI/ML algorithms with the high extendable python hooks to customize UI with dynamic data and to visualize on own widgets and graphs to make decisions. Bevywise IOT platform provides custom MQTT clients for custom implementation for all resources in the institutions.

The available powerful Bevywise IOT Simulator allows to share interactive models with your audience, without having to install any software on their computer. It is configured to specific network and helps students to test and create templates, connect multiple devices to the Manager application. Students will be able to emulate real scenarios without the real devices.

More Affordable IoT Educational Pack

Recognizing the limited budgets available for academic, we offer and released a specially-priced version of our Bevywise IoT for Education, which is specifically designed and only available to accredited academic institutions.

The FREE Student version helps individual students learn by themselves with setting up the products on their laptop. We have added more value into the Research Edition and  University Edition at an affordable cost.

For more details on how you can utilize these packages for your Universities, talk to an expert or refer to the IOT for Education Page.

It’s all about thanking each of you

It’s all about thanking each of you

We always have something to be thankful for. Through the good or bad, there will always be something regardless of circumstances to be thankful for. Thanksgiving imprints a time to sit, share and think what we have, instead of what we don’t. It is time to share our gratefulness and thanks to you.

Enjoy Our Thanksgiving deal

As thanksgiving is soon to be around with beauty of joy and bliss, we are here to express our gratitude towards you. Saying thanks in words is not just enough, support and backing adds more value. Extendable support is always highly appreciative and it gains trust and confidence with customers like you. Support is pivotal for running IoT production environment. There will be no better way of showing thanks than providing a greater support to you. We are giving you a great deal by providing an additional year of support / upgrade free for all our IoT products you buy.

“We have products that you need and we provide support for your need”

Enjoy our 20% bonanza on our IoT products you buy. Connect and manage your devices now.

Happy Thanksgiving Deal!

Announcing Hosted MQTT Broker – CrystalMQ

Announcing Hosted MQTT Broker – CrystalMQ

“The world of reality has its limits,the world of imagination is limitless.” –Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Planning to build an IOT Application that collects data from your cutting edge devices to analyze, process and interpret. Hence, IOT is a complete solution provider for all functional areas.

What are my possible options?

Option 1: The Big4s AWS, Google, Azure & IBM provides a separate device communication layer that allows the developers to choose a list of back end storage and the processing engine needed to build a complete solution that enables the devices to communicate. The starting price for the communication engine will be affordable, but utilizing multiple services you will  end up paying more.

Option 2: Service providers like cloudMQTT provides standalone device communication layer that does communication process and provides building your application at the edge. However it uses the minimal data integration points at the back end to move data to the back end servers.

Option 3: Completely rigid platform that aims to tackle the need for any vertical. This will help you build your requirements for a specific functionality.

Option provided does not fit requirement

Diverse and constantly changing customer requirements need high-quality solution provider. In the market the customer does significant amount of analysis in choosing the best sub-system required to complete their implementation. This finally increases the overall cost of maintenance, upgrade, managing multiple services and servers for your solution.

To avoid the disparity between customers, technology offers and customer service, we have created a framework for device manufacturers to get their solution built by themselves.

Announcing CrystalMQ – Hosted MQTT Broker with maximum flexibility.

As a first step, we are launching CrystalMQ our hosted MQTT Broker solution using the Bevywise MQTTRoute which is a secured MQTT Server application that comes with options to deploy your AI / ML code on the server and comes with widget that can be used to build your complete user interface.

Get your hands dirty by signing up to try our hosted version.