How Pace DPR boosts Manufacturing Productivity?

Production Monitoring system
Hema April 28, 2020

In today’s global economy, manufacturing industries cannot gamble becoming ineffective and incompetent. The production reality in today’s increasingly competitive world claims competence and quality with endless and bettered processes. It is carping to lessen the production costs, strengthen production line and machine use and adaptability to improve not only product quality but services as well. Any production company with its successful growing business, may be quite satisfied with their results. But how much they really know about the operational efficiency of their factory. How can they improve their production capacity without any data?. Hence, in order to achieve first-rate production efficiency, production monitoring is decisive. Moreover, when done with the right tools, production monitoring has the potential to transform an entire manufacturing industry. Pace DPR, the real-time production monitoring system could enhance the productivity and efficiency. This article explains how Pace DPR boosts manufacturing productivity.

Measure OEE – Production Monitoring System

The goal of any production metric should be straightforward, that it should help production operators to discern, if the assets / machines in the production line are doing good and how they can do better. OEE ( Overall Equipment Effectiveness ), the best practices quantitative metric, measures productivity of individual equipment in an Industry. It provides a detailed measurement on how well the assets work compared to its fullest potential. OEE calculates the overall performance of industrial production system with respect to the key performance metrics such as Availability, Performance and Quality.

Pace DPR eliminates the paper work on calculating & measuring OEE. This production monitoring system provides calculation & measurement of OEE along with the KPIs such as availability, performance & Quality and provides a big-picture on how well the individual machines in the production line are doing. But, The accuracy of OEE data depends on consistent and real-time automatic data collection. Pace DPR provides the real-time OEE data that it helps to identify the inefficiencies and improve corrective interventions to improve productivity.

Capturing & Eliminating Downtime

In Manufacturing Industries, the health of machines is as important as calculating its efficiency. This is because, every second of machine running earns money. If it sits idle, the entire production line will get collapsed. A recent survey showed that the cost of a machine breakdown is more than just the maintenance labor and materials to make the repair. Virtually every Industry loses at least 5% of its productivity due to downtime, and many loss as much as 20%. The worst part is that many of the industries are unable to calculate the actual cost of downtime accurately. Without the proper data, production monitoring system & poor understanding on the actual cost of downtime, how it is possible to prevent & manage downtime?

Pace DPR provides the exact view of the shop floor & records the downtime events and helps production manager identify bottlenecks & maintenance issues. The Production monitoring system helps to pinpoint when & where the downtime occurs and identifies the reason behind unnecessary stoppage. Moreover the downtime events can be precisely tracked to prevent & manage excessive production loss. By analysing the obtained data on downtime, the strategic enrolment plan can be developed to prevent & reduce the occurrence of downtime.

Manual Logs on rejects & flaws

Quality is the critical component for any business and the high quality products create unshakeable customer loyalty. It makes an essential contribution to ROI and profitability. The defects in products will fail to meet customer expectations & can damage business reputation. Hence, the precision data on bad quantity in the production line will help in avoiding the future production of rejects. Pace DPR allows production managers / operators to record the number of bad items produced. Quality can be improved by analysing production data and the number of rejects in order to identify the flaws. Moreover, the reduction in rejects will help in improving product quality & customer reputations.

In addition, the loss booking is integrated into the production monitoring system that helps in tracking the black holes in your business.

Why should you adopt Pace DPR today?

Pace DPR will ease the production managers to analyze and improve OEE & can help them make a necessary change in their manufacturing process that leads to the big improvements on the production floor. By providing data on KPIs that tied up with the real-time status of your shop floor, which makes this production monitoring system an extremely useful tool for improving productivity. Performing analysis with the shift based cumulative reports & hourly production reports, will uncover areas to improve OEE by connecting dots & eliminating the gap between machine performance & its efficiency. Pace DPR boosts the preventive maintenance of assets by tracking & monitoring machines at individual level which allows operators to see when & where the flaws in the production line occurs.

The real-time data on OEE & production is just a number unless it is turned into an excellent insight & action. Pace DPR will help you turn the obtained data into actionable insights and make necessary decision on improving manufacturing productivity.Now it is time to lead the Industrial race.

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