Integrate MQTT Broker into any Application

By Ranjith kumar DSM March 5, 2018

MQTT Broker is the central server that  manages all the communication between the edge devices, collect data from them and ensures the Quality of Service in message delivery.  Any IoT Management application needs the MQTT Broker as one of the communication component.   We have been providing MQTT Broker in two different flavours.

IoT Platform

The IoT Platform is a SaaS based highly scalable architecture which can be used to connect millions of devices. The IoT Platform also supports multi tenancy by which you can provide solutions to any number of devices. The Platform provides an individual customer access to manage their devices and create rules for automation between their devices. The platform in turn provides a powerful API interface which can be used to build web and mobile applications over the platform.

Standalone MQTT Broker

The MQTT Broker is a standalone MQTT broker which supports all operating system. The MQTT Broker can be extended by connecting to any big data engine or your application over python connectors – MongoDB Connector & ElasticSearch Connector.

Something is missing ??

YES…  Even though the above components can be integrated into any of the manager application, these application needs a standalone monitoring and server management.  The existing Device manager and IoT Applications vendors will be more than happy if they can integrate these applications into their application.

When used as a separate component.

  • – Multiple set up process.
  • – API Control for every operation.
  • – Separate Data Storage.
  • – No control over the MQTT Broker process.

MQTT Broker as an integral Component

Keeping this in mind, we today announce a variant of MQTT Broker where can be added as one of the components into your application.   You will be able to do the following.

  • – Start / Stop the MQTT Broker from your core application.
  • – Know about the client connects and disconnections, the clients IP address, passwords used and the will details.
  • – Know about the messages published from the edge devices.
  • – Know about the subscription details of each device
  • – Know about the message propagation to individual edge devices
  • – The acknowledgement status for each message sent to each device.
  • – Send message to each device individually or as a group.
  • – Control over the authentication tokens.

This MQTT Broker component can be integrated into any of your application and can be made to work irrespective of the programming language in which your product or server is built on. The component can provide more functional communication between the component and your application based on the need. 

You can download and try our standalone MQTT Broker.

Download FREE MQTT Broker

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