With the big launch of new version of MQTT Broker in a last week, we have updated the MQTT Broker web interface for the new looks.

Sounds amazing right!!

With a new modernising look and a fresh coat of paint, MQTT Route comes up with the better user interface. Starting with the typeface and layout to color and imagery, you will discern a lot of precise variations throughout the product. A good user experience depends not only on the performance but also on the user interface of the product. Hence, we want to make you feel amazed with the use of MQTT dashboard. Let us have a closer look at the new UI.

Refreshing the UI

At some point, all products must go through a visual refresh of some category or type. The freshen up of MQTT Broker Web interface was done to make it as attractive as possible. Users will witness the more cleaner user interface for the easier device management and the information will be displayed better to view the most important data.

Here is what it looked like before.


With the new cleaner and simplified user interface, users can experience the colourful and eye-catchy visuals to place a great emphasis on the data.

MQTT Route 3.0 dashboard

Enhancing the User Experience

MQTT Broker new UI now provides easy to view events and commands that are published from the connected device. The sign up page of MQTTRoute has been modified to look impressive and informative with the sneak peek of all available features. The default MQTT Dashboard comes up with more simplified data fields to allow users to add and update information easily and quickly. Multiple dashboard creation and widgets addition has been moved to the user interface for the ease of use.

Responsive Mobile User Experience

We are living in a multi-screen community where it is important for the product to be viewable across multiple devices as per the need of the users. Hence it’s fair for the users to expect appealing user interface with both desktop and mobile friendly. In that case, MQTTRoute new UI now provides mobile support that scales up and down automatically to match the mobile device it’s being viewed on providing a responsive user experience.

How widgets can help?

Every IoT application needs a powerful user interface to help users view and understand the real-time data captured by the IoT devices. It require dynamic UI’s which can fulfill the needs of multiple users. Ergo, MQTTRoute supports multiple MQTT dashboard creation with some built-in widgets to represent the data visually. It is not always necessary to write code to customize the MQTT dashboard. Users can just create multiple dashboard and lay out the widgets on the dashboard from the user interface itself. Simply pick the desirable one from the list of 8 pre-configured widgets, set up MQTT topic, right colors and relish a value bringing visuals.

Menu bars in the UI is a slot to access other available features in the MQTT Broker. Although it is a needed one, sometimes the user needs to have a menu bar free page with the full view of created widgets. To avail this, User can maximize the page view to display widgets in a complete page without other menus.

Besides this, User can download the data displayed in each widgets as CSV from the MQTT Broker web interface.

We keep on improving and adding necessary features of MQTT Broker. No matter how big we get, we will carry on to concentrate on the core user experience and make the application more efficient to handle and use.

For more reference, please refer our help document.

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