MQTT Gateway is one of the core component in the IOT connectivity. And also MQTT Broker can now  talk to your IoT Sensors via the MQTT Gateway.

Auto Discovery of IoT Devices

The Gateway can do an auto discovery of the Sensors available in the network. The discovered devices / sensors are allowed to communicate with each other and can be managed from the central IoT Platform. As of now we have supported only network based discovery. And we are working on the bluetooth and other possible options for the communication.

MQTT Gateway to Broker Data flow

Gateway supports options to have a single connection ( Aggregated ) with the central IoT Platform.  Otherwise, it just act as a forwarder to create single connection for each sensor ( Transparent ). The aggregated gateway will help you reduce the load on the platform.

As of now we support the discovery of only the devices connected in the network using UDP protocol and we are working on bluetooth and other modes of communication.

You can start the Gateway using the script files present inside the bin/ folder of the product.

Try the  MQTT Broker with the gateway.  Feel free to write to [email protected] in case of any questions.