Integrate MQTT Broker as a component into your Server
MQTT Broker is the central server that  manages all the communication between the edge devices, collect data from them and ensures the Quality of Service in message delivery.  Any IoT Management application needs the MQTT Broker as one of the communication component.   We have been providing MQTT Broker in two different flavours. IoT Platform The… Read More
Ranjith kumar DSM March 5, 2018

IOT Device Manager Update
IOT Device Manager application has been enhanced with more security and Device management functionality. This update is supported in the On-demand version and the self hosted platform. Instant Command:  Most IOT Devices that connect to the IOT Device Manager will send events and at the same time listen to specific commands for receiving instructions from the manager application. The manager… Read More
Ranjith kumar DSM January 24, 2018

MQTTRoute Plugin
A few weeks back we rolled out an update that provides and option to store  MQTTPayload into ElasticSearch. This update also had options to enable customization to send data received from the different edge devices to various storage engines or your own application. Today we want to make the MQTTRoute more ready to use for our customers.  Yes… Read More
Ranjith kumar DSM January 10, 2018

Visualize IOT Data using your favourite Data Analytics platform by connecting MQTTRoute and sending all the data received to your Analytics engine. … Read More
Ranjith kumar DSM December 19, 2017

Windows MQTT client
Windows MQTT Client is bundled inside the MQTT Broker and the IOT Simulator and can be run using the python files bundled in the product. You can write your own python files to customize the client. … Read More
Ranjith kumar DSM December 5, 2017

Custom TCP Server for remote devices and sensors
Announcing the First version of the TCP Server for connecting your remote sensors and devices. Client application use lower bandwidth and provides a longer battery life. … Read More
Ranjith kumar DSM November 23, 2017

IOT Device template
Today we are happy to introduce iot templates & bulk device creation in IOT Simulator. We believe that the real effort of any validation process. The efforts should be spent on the validating and analysing the result data and not on setting up the environment.  IOT environment needs a mass network setup to test and demo… Read More
Ranjith kumar DSM October 24, 2017

Rule engine helps you automate your M2M communication with data based and time based rules. This update has the time based triggers which can configured to publish messages which are repetitive, seasonal and once. … Read More
Ranjith kumar DSM September 19, 2017