Free IoT Products for your Non Commercial Projects

Free IoT Products for your Non Commercial Projects

During  College / research time, everyone cannot afford premium products for non commercial projects.  Free IoT Products will help students, researchers, professors today help do research to innovate new  things. It also helps them better to challenge the future world.  IoT , AI , ML  & Edge Computing are few of the fast growing technologies in the world today.
We at Bevywise Networks would like to take this opportunity to encourage the students, teachers and researchers community with a free complimentary license.  These products can help them do their research much easier and in a cost effective way.  We provide edge clients for the various operating System , MQTT Broker , IoT Simulator tools and an IoT Platform. The hosted IoT Platform (Bevywise Device Manager ) is always free and can be used for your testing.  How can you utilise these tools for your projects.

Building Edge Devices with Free IoT Products

MQTT is one of most widely adopted protocols for industrial and general purpose IoT Implementation. If you are building any edge device as part of your project, then you can utilise the MQTT Broker as your Message broker for your implementation. This will help you collect messages (events) from your edge devices, send commands to your edge devices as well using APIs.

Building Application for a Vertical

MQTT Broker is a perfect middleware which can collect the information from your edge device and then hand it over to your backend application or data store as required. You will be able to build an application for a Small and medium business use case with the MQTT Broker. We already have some integration done for MongoDB , ElasticSearch, Redis, etc.

With custom storage option

  • Do data analysis over these big data engines
  • Connect to your Big Data Engine
  • Integrate it with any IoT Application

If you are looking for a large scale project which needs an IoT Platform kind of framework, we can also work out a model to make it available for researchers and students.  Our simulation tool can help you test your application using different variations of data.

To start with you can always download all our products for a FREE evaluation.

If you feel our tool would help us achieve your goal, feel free to contact us.