Top 10 Benefits of Automating your Home

Top 10 Benefits of Automating your Home

The word “smart” which all of us expect in our day-to day life either in the form mobile phones, watches etc. Because these are the powerful tools that make our life much easier. Every advancement in technology enhances their impressive capabilities that we can utilize at our fingertips. Hence, the next big step towards smart technology is automating home. The benefits of home automation not only upgrades the home to be smarter but also provides a new lifestyle. This article covers the overall benefits of automating home.

Benefit -1 Enhanced Home security

As the famous quote says “safety is the first priority “, safety is the major concern for all people. One of the greatest benefits of home automation system is that it provides high level security. Through an automated home security system people can lock their doors even with the tap of their finger. It allows people to monitor who is entering home always and get alerted each time when someone enters. Therefore, this quickly eases the mind of people who are worrying about their home safety.

Benefit -2 Safety on Appliances

Home automation provides added protection to the home & family. It provides a complete control over lighting, power, heating devices & electrical devices with a touch of finger tip. Hence, this prevents the unexpected fire hazards & severe scenarios. This even provides the security alerts to neighbours to make an immediate action towards safety.

Benefit -3 Trimming Energy

Automating home will keep people away from spending more energy. It will eliminate the power consumption of unaccompanied devices & appliances.  They will have precise control over healthy and cooling of home that suggests the best energy efficient throughout the day. Automatic adjusting or switching off lights, air-conditioners etc when not in use. By using less power people will get benefited by reducing monthly energy costs.

Benefit -4 Convenience & Luxury

With home automation system people can conveniently control or operate lighting, heating & electrical devices using remote controls. Considering the situation, when we comeback home after sometime, we experience it either too hot or cold. We feel it is inconvenient as it usually takes a good amount of time to increase or decrease the temperature.  With the benefits of home automation, we can adjust the thermostat from anywhere before reaching home. This makes it more convenient.

Benefit -5 Become more productive

Since we are living in a very fast-paced environment, we don’t have time to worry about our home. Hence, Home automation is a beneficial system for a busy person who has a great deal of to-do list at work.

Benefit -6 Home automation Saves Money

Home automation system saves money. The beneficial impact the home automation system can provide is on the utility bill. People will no longer spend more money for household appliances in the form of energy wastage. This helps in reducing electric costs and saving money.

Benefit -7 Elderly ease and Baby proofing

Through the benefits of home automation system, people can keep their eye on children. The integrated baby monitors & alarms with a smart home system can check the safety of infants. As people age, simple works will become difficult. With features like voice command, home automation provides freedom & ease to the elderly.

Benefit -8 Healthy living made easy

For decades, Cities such as New Delhi, California, Skopje and Beijing from different countries in the world have been highly dealing with poor air quality. However, the air inside home is often more polluted than the air outside. Such conditions affect the health of the family. Home automation system with thermostat can monitor for conditions like air quality & humidity and can be integrated with air purifiers to address the ever growing problem of air pollution inside home.

Benefit -9 Promoting Peace of mind

Home automation is a perfect investment for those who habitually worry about whether they take care of everything at home before leaving. It provides a complete control on all home devices with a better sense of security providing a great relief from obsessive worry.

Benefit -10 Contributes to economy

Using the necessary amount of energy & resources is also the biggest way to contribute to the economy. Hence, home automation will surely boost our economy.

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Voice Control Devices using Alexa & Googlehome

Voice Control Devices using Alexa & Googlehome

Human race has been tied to actions by touch for a prolonged period. Touch is something bound to the extend to which you can stretch your arms and body. Sound and Vision goes a long way beyond horizons. The advent of image processing techniques largely influenced the addition of visual recognition to the machines. Along with the Industry 4.0 and the current home automation trend, a lot of innovation is happening over Sound. We can control everything around us with voice using voice hearing robots like Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Microsofts’ Cortana, Google Home / Assistant.

Home Automation leads the Voice Race

Voice and IoT go hand in hand, freeing users from being tied down by screens, data and physical inputs. Voice commands have arguably become one of the greatest and quickest way to control home devices. Just give a voice command from anywhere to automate your device at home. Turning on the air-conditioning before actually stepping inside the home. Turning off the lights when no one is in the room and controlling the brightness of light for energy efficiency. Adding connectivity to fire safety devices can provide house owners with the ability to monitor remotely and even send alerts to neighbors in the event of emergency. When you develop smart home for your customers, you need to get the IoT platform that already has voice integration. Bevywise IoT platform is one such platform that comes out of the box with integration for Google Home / Assist & Amazon Alexa.

Voice control in Industries

Industries today has not started embracing the voice as a primary medium. The world has been fed up with typing for a long time. It is time to rethink the integration of voice into the manufacturing echo system. Sirens has been used for a long time to mark time and alarms for emergency. However, we believe more reporting in the future will happen using voice than the need for texual reading and writing. Wherever you go the lighting and temperature controls all perform in concert to optimize your comfort based on your pre-determined personal indictors. In order to check the growth of a particular year, you can use voice control and this will create a graph show-casting the year’s growth in click through rates. This will eventually replace going through files manually.

We can strengthen the security of the industry instead of swiping cards. In addition, The proper functioning of your machines can be monitored periodically with a voice command anywhere, anytime. In order to start the meeting, just give a voice command to your voice assistant, it will turn on the video conference system and dial into the conference hall. The automation creates intelligent processes for monitoring and decision-making and to economize the supply chain and production.

Voice control in Health Care

With the advent of technology in medical care, we are generating a lot of medical records in the format of images and textual PDF. We are storing medical records in a highly secure environment. These data are highly analysed today to make very predictive solutions. One of the major integration we forsee for the medical care for the physicians are the integration of voice. We believe that physicians will be using more and more voice to pull out the medical records of patients and draw conclusions. This will be highly useful during surgical operations. Pulling records using voice will highly save time than manual entry of data on the screens.

The technology of voice recognization has come and long way so that the tools and devices today can understand variations in voice and also identify the owner to act accordingly.

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Refer to the help documentation for how to integrate voice using Amazon Alexa and Google Home.