Impact of Downtime in Manufacturing

Impact of Downtime in Manufacturing

The adage “Time is Money” holds true in every business & manufacturing processes. In Manufacturing Industries, every second of machine running earns money. The more time it takes to convert raw material into product, the more money it costs to get it out. What will happen if your machines sit idle for a long time?. There will be a chance of facing revenue loss. This unexpected or unplanned outage duration is known as Downtime. This article provides a detailed view on the downtime, its impact in manufacturing process & how to reduce the downtime.

Actual Cost of Manufacturing Downtime

No Industries wants to face Downtime. It is the awful nightmare for every Industry out there. A common estimate is that almost every industry loses 5 to 20% of its productivity due to downtime and the costs can be outrageous. Machine Outages can bring production to a screeching halt and it costs an industry millions of dollars. This startling data shows how costly the downtime can be. Hence, the financial cost of downtime is crucial for every manufacturing industry. Unplanned outage can lead to a substantial cost with an extensive impact on industry’s bottom line. Disregarding the cost of downtime isn’t an option & reducing the downtime is decisive for business’s bottom line. In order to satisfy financial goals & to keep the bottom line strong it is necessary to understand the actual cost of downtime & the ways to reduce it.

Why do Machines Sit idle?

The causes of Downtime can be Tool breaks, Machine faults, Process failure, unplanned stops etc. While downtime is most often associated with breakdown it is actually an unplanned event that seriously affects your manufacturing process. Unplanned downtime includes, excessive changeovers, lack of operator, & unplanned machine maintenance. In order to deal with it, it is requisite to understand each downtime & how it impacts your industries’ profitability.

Tracking Manufacturing Downtime

Tracking how, when, where the downtime occurs will help you prevent & manage the excessive loss. An early step towards minimizing downtime is possible only when it is tracked precisely & cautiously. The traditional way of obtaining data that involves log sheets in which operators manually log the downtime will frequently miss the downtime events. Hence, utilizing complete monitoring software that provides real-time view of shop floor will significantly provide the data on downtime events. OEE DPR, the powerful software to measure manufacturing OEE will provide you an exact view on production line & help you boost inefficiencies, identify bottlenecks, maintenance issues & other events that cause downtime. Recording the downtime & identifying the reason for downtime will significantly reduce the production issues & increase the production rate.

Analysing the data

Unplanned downtime and breakdown losses are concerned with availability. Hence measuring OEE is a key driver to eliminate production loss & to have a better understanding on production. But measuring OEE & collecting data alone will not help you improve your production. Developing the strategic enrolment plan by analysing the gathered data to reduce the amount of downtime is decisive. OEE DPR will help you analyse the data & understand the reason for downtime and how the obtained data can be applied to improve predictive maintenance.

The metric that didn’t tie up with the straight data from machines will not provide you an accurate picture on your production loss. The real-time data view of what’s going on in the production line will provide you a real context to the downtime events. Thus OEE DPR will ultimately give manufacturers the potential to get away from production issues and towards a more data-driven business.

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