Introducing Rule Engine – The first Step to AI

Introducing Rule Engine – The first Step to AI

There are going to be a lot of vendors developing edge devices for the Internet of Things.  It is not feasible for the edge device vendors to build all the intelligence required to interoperate in a multi vendor environment.  We believe the edge device vendors should build a dump device. The device should  just listen for specific commands from central server and just execute it and in the other way. On the other way, it should just listen to the particular change and communicate it to the Central Server. We follow these best practices for developing IoT Agents in our device creation also. Today we are happy to announce that we have added a Rule Engine to our MQTT Broker which can transform the messages received from a mqtt client and transform into a different message that is needed for the other clients.

Transform Messages with Rules

 The current version supports conditions based on an incoming message with a combination of the client and topic. The operators like  equal to ( = ), Not Equal to (  != ), Less than ( <  ) and greater than ( > )  can be used to transform messages as needed.  As of now you can create rules with rule engine based on Client Name & Topic ,  Topic & Message  or Client & Topic & Message of the packet. You can also use multiple rules for a same incoming topic / message combination.

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The documentation will help you get the most out of the MQTT Broker.  You can write to [email protected] for any assistance and feedback