Announcing MQTT 5 Beta release

Announcing MQTT 5 Beta release

“All good things must be replaced with something better”.

We are happy and excited to announce the release of MQTT version 5. MQTT is the more suitable and best available protocol when it comes to IoT development. The extensive endorsement of protocol has created a more hype for further upgrade of MQTT specification. Though MQTT protocol is good as 3.1.1 specification, it is further better in version 5 specification. Bevywise MQTT Broker now supports MQTT 5 specification.

Why MQTT 5?

Though, MQTT 3.1.1 is perfectly scalable protocol specification, the jump from MQTT 3.1.1 to 5 is because of its feature – packed protocol specification. The main function of this key rich update is that it caters enhancement for scalability and large scale industrial deployments.

Absolute Error Handling – An improved error checking provides a more readable information about the error which instructs about the reasons for disconnection. Error handling is favourable for diagnosis to know what actually happened.

Perfect Load Balancing – With the support of shared subscriptions the client load balancing is possible. Shared subscription is an immense method to deliver messages across different MQTT subscribers with standard MQTT mechanisms.

Facile Message processing – Payload format indicator & content type ensures the correct processing of each message without the need of looking into actual payload.

MQTT 5 specification will have its foot prints in all sort of industrial deployments because of its rich features. It has become the apparent and discernible choice for the majority of IoT applications.

We are happy to announce that Bevywise MQTT Broker now supports MQTT 5 beta version. This specification is initially available only for ubuntu users. We will provide the availability for other users soon.

For any suggestions or clarifications, kindly reach support. We would be happy to hear from you.

Keep an eye out for further upgrades and improvements in MQTTRoute, Bevywise IoT simulator and IoT Platform