MQTT Server – Connect your IOT Devices now

MQTT Server – Connect your IOT Devices now

MQTT server is the hosted version of the IoT PlatformMQTTRoute is a simple application helps you build an IoT Application that can run on a single machine.  IoT Platform is a micro services based application that can be scaled vertically and horizontally to manage multiple tenants and clients. The hosted version of the MQTT Server is available at 

MQTT Server – key features

  • Support for MQTT over TCP and Web Socket.
  • Secure User login for each user.  Adding multiple user hierarchy for each tenant. 
  • Connect and enable secure communication between your devices.
  • Individual Access Keys the devices for every user and can be specified at Device level.
  • Option to define roles – Publish Only, Subscribe Only and Publish & Subscribe
  • Rules engine to transform messages.
  • Widgets and Dashboards to visualize Data. 

You can now connect your devices to the end point and port 1883 via TCP and to port 8000 for Web socket connectivity.  We created the MQTT Broker as per the MQTT Standard. Hence it works with all the standard MQTT clients. Some of the MQTT Clients you can use are :

Eclipse Paho – Open source client implementations for Web Sockets.
Mosquitto Client – Open source C based Client.
Bevywise MQTT Clients – Our own implementation of  MQTT Client supports Linux & Windows based OS. Client runs on MAC and Raspbian. 

You will be able to connect your devices and development boards by configuring them as well.  A detailed help documentation of how to set up your clients and connect to the server. The Platform also has REST based APIs to create Mobile Applications over using the data. 


If you are looking for clients for any specific language, you can choose one of the clients from the Github.


Do write to support if you are looking for a rebranded MQTT Server to be hosted for your devices.