Introducing ready to use MQTT Broker Plugin

Introducing ready to use MQTT Broker Plugin

A few weeks back we rolled out an update that provides an option to store  MQTTPayload into ElasticSearch. In addition, this update also had options to enable customization to send data received from the different edge devices to various storage engines or your own application. Today we want to make the MQTT Broker more ready to use for our customers.  Yes we are rolling out ready to use MQTT Broker plugin for MongoDB & ElasticSearch.

These plugins can store data of plain text message and one level of JSON data into the document store. Besides that the JSON string will be federated and stored as a flat key value pair into the document store. The flatter storage will help you draw powerful charts and user friendly graphs in the way you need.

The way of data storage is completely dependent on the way data is generated from the client. So we have provided these plugins under an open Apache license, so that you can customise the MQTT Broker plugin as required for the data.

MQTT Broker Plugin for MongoDB

Mongodb is one of the most widely used Document Storage engine for IOT data analysis. This plugin can be enabled in MQTT Broker and configured to write data into the Mongodb. If you are receiving a complex JSON data from the edge devices, you can customize the code to alter the data for storage.

Download the MQTT Broker – Mongodb – Connector Now

MQTT Broker Plugin for ElasticSearch

ElasticSearch is a very powerful search engine. Hence, We use ElasticSearch for our IOT Platform and our hosted Device Manager. And  also we provide a default integration with Elastic in MQTT Broker. We are also publishing the code for the customers to make changes as needed for their data format.

Download the MQTT Broker – ElasticSearch – Connector Now

MQTT Broker is needed for using these plugins. Try the FREE version of the MQTT Broker now

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We would be happy to help you with storing complex data if needed. We are also working on connectors for AWS Lamda, GE Predix, Apache Hive and more. Do write to support for any assistance or feedback

Bevywise IoT Gateway – Security, Bridging & more

Bevywise IoT Gateway – Security, Bridging & more

The IoT Gateway that comes inbuilt inside the MQTT Broker is enhanced to be secure and inter operable with other platforms.

Secure your devices:

IoT mandates central platform to connect every device and sensors for sending and receiving messages. Besides that The IoT Gateway isolates the devices behind the firewall to get isolate from the internet. The gateway acts as an intermediate devices to transfer messages between the edge devices and platform. We do support aggregation of messages and transparent transfer of messages.

Works with Any IoT Platform:

As the communication between the IoT Gateway and the central platform is via MQTT, the IoT Gateway can work with any platform like Azure Iot , AWS IoT , Google Cloud IoT Platform and more that listens and accepts MQTT connections.

Support for Devices & Bridging:

This version add support for accepting MQTT Devices in addition to previously supported sensors. The devices can connect via MQTT to the gateway. This helps the IoT Gateway to act as a bridge for the local MQTT devices.

Bluetooth support for Sensors:

We have added support for the Bluetooth connectivity for the sensor devices. You can now connect your edge sensors to the IoT Gateway via Bluetooth.

Data Encryption:

We are more concerned about the security of the data that is being transferred at all times. We support the SSL encryption for all the data sent over the network from the edge devices to gateway to the IoT Platform. You can use your own certificates by doing the necessary configuration to enable the secure communication.

The gateway can run on the Raspberry Pi and can be customized to store data locally and a User interface to manage local devices. In addition, the IoT Gateway can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Grab your FREE version of  MQTT Broker Now.

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If you are planning to deploy millions of devices which need to be managed and automated, do try our IoT Platform.

MQTT Security enhanced with Multiple Authentication – MQTT Broker

MQTT Security enhanced with Multiple Authentication – MQTT Broker

MQTT Security is one of the most important mandate of the connected devices today. Hence We want to make sure our customers are able to make sure their devices, their connections and the data sent over for communication are secured.  Already we support SSL / TLS data encryption for data security and we can enable strict mode where each client should have a unique certificate or a flexible mode where in all your clients can have the same certificate.

In addition We have recently added support for configuring multiple username and passwords in the

MQTT Broker. Previously it was allowed to have only one username and password for all the devices of the MQTT Broker.

Configuring MQTT Security – Authentication

You can configure the list of username and password in a file in the format,

UserName  <TAB>  Password

and then specify the file path in the /conf/broker.conf file

PASSWD_FILE = ./Certificate/Authentication/credentials.txt


An example file is available at ./Certificate/Authentication/credentials.txt
You can also share a single username and password with a set of devices.  Download the FREE MQTT Broker now.

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The free version supports single username and password and the premium version supports the multiple authentication.  Do write to support for any assistance.