Windows MQTT Client

Windows MQTT Client

We have been bundling the Windows MQTT Client DLLs and shared libraries for Linux and MAC into the MQTT Broker and the IOT Simulator.  In addition, These clients can be started using the python files bundled in the lib/ folder of the product.  And also Python 2.7  and Open SSL are mandatory for running the client using these libraries. In addition, Linux and MAC mostly will have openssl and python installed by default. But for Windows, we need to install the same. Let us see the installation steps of MQTT Broker python.

Install Python

Step 1: Firstly, Download the installer version based on your Operating system (32 bit or 64 bit ) from  python website and install it by double click on the exe.

Step 2: Confirm the installation of python. Open a command prompt. Then type the command  python in command prompt and press enter. It should take you to the Python prompt if installed perfectly. Finally, Exit the python prompt.

Install openSSL

Step 1: Download the stable version of the openssl from their website

Step 2: Download Visual Studio FREE version from the Microsoft and install it.

Step 3: Download Perl and install the same.

Step 4: Use ppm to install nasm and dmake

      ppm install nasm
      ppm install dmake
Step 5: Open the command Prompt inside the Visual Studio and set up the openssl using the Visual C++ method in the help file present in the downloaded file. You can either use the INSTALL.W32 or INSTALL.W64 based on your OS.

Step 6: Then Check the installation of the openssl by opening the command prompt and executing the command openssl.

Setup Windows MQTT Client

Once you are done with the above steps your windows os is ready to run the Windows MQTT Client. Now Download the new MQTT Broker python extension. After installation, go to the lib/ folder and run any of the client python files like Make sure you run the runbroker.bat inside the bin/ folder so that the client can connect to it.

Contact support if you are looking for any assistance on the set up process. If you are looking to bundle the MQTT Client in any of your devices, feel free to contact us.

New version of MQTT Broker, MQTTRoute 3.2 is available now which comes up with High availability server, SYS topic & more.