Announcing L4 server for TCP / UDP Digital Transformation

Announcing L4 server for TCP / UDP Digital Transformation

We are happy & more excited to announce the availability of Layer 4 Transmission server (L4 server). The server allows you to collect data from TCP and UDP endpoints.

One of the key challenges every developer facing today in developing a successful IoT application is presenting the raw data in a more meaningful form and processing it to serve it for a particular purpose. The data collected will become useless, unless it is analysed & processed to make decisions. keeping this in mind we have developed a L4 server which allow developers to collect, manage & visualize TCP and UDP data along with the support of AI/ML Integration. The raw TCP / UDP server can connect any device that can send TCP and UDP data in whichever format you have to tell and can be visualized.

Data Processing is Influential

Data is the most important tool for every business application to help businesses make critical decisions. But having piles of data alone is not worth anymore for decision-making. It is all about the way we process data and analyse it to get meaningful information to literally be able to take actionable insights. That’s why, they need to analyse and focus on data collection, cleaning and changing or transforming it in the format which is needed. Hence, L4 server was developed wholly for devices that transmit the Raw TCP and UDP data that is to collect raw data and to visualize & process it to make better decisions.

Collecting Raw TCP and UDP Data

L4Server was developed exclusively for sensors and devices that communicate using the RAW TCP / UDP Packets to enable developers to collect, manage, and visualize data. The TCP/UDP server will listen to data at a specified port, set up TCP and UDP sessions and processes the data. The data will be transferred reliably to the central server by ensuring it through the support of Acknowledgement.

Configuring Data Format

L4Server processes data collected from edge devices based on the data format specified. L4Server accepts plain TEXT and JSON formats as input to TCP / UDP data inorder to collect custom data from remote devices. Mostly the client will publish the data as a Plain text format. On L4Server, a plain text data is acquired from the edge device, and it will be configured to JSON format and rendered in the UI.

Visualizing the data

As mentioned earlier, the data needs to be presented in a way that drives meaningful insights. Hence, We have added a custom hooks to extend the UI module & customize the user interface in the way you need. In addition, L4 server consists of pre-built widgets which helps you create your own dashboard in minutes specific to your application. Just layout the widgets in the dashboard & visualize your data to make better decisions.

AI/ML Integration

For advanced implementation, L4 server supports embedding AI / ML algorithms. But as mentioned earlier the data must be transformed into a usable form so that the ML algorithms can understand it. If the data itself is not appropriate, it is not fair to expect ML algorithms to bring the value that is needed.  Hence, data needs to be aggregated and to make such aggregation easier, L4 server provides scheduler module which helps the processing of TCP and UDP data received on a predefined time interval. And, now it is easy to embed AI/ML codes & get your decisions ready.

L4 server currently supports Windows and Linux. We will provide support for the other OS soon.

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