Serve & Manage Multiple users with Admin Console

Serve & Manage Multiple users with Admin Console

Tracking, Monitoring & Managing connected devices is indispensable as several hundred thousand or millions of devices connected in IoT / IIoT deployments. Ensuring whether the connected devices work properly & securely is a much-needed one to have a smoother functioning of business / industry. Likewise, the securing the connected devices, tracking its condition, spotting anomalies and overhauling the defects, and managing it is essential as well. IoT Device Management makes it easy to securely connect, organize, monitor, and remotely manage connected devices at scale. Organizing the connected devices, monitoring & troubleshooting the device functionality is made possible with device management. At Bevywise we make device management functionality more easier for enterprises & businesses which helps service providers to serve multiple customers. Besides this, we have added user management administrator console to the IoT Platform to manage user access. User management administrator console empowers the service provider to administer & supervise multiple users & their ingress to and from various sectors. Admin Console provides service providers with robust roles & permissions to carry out device management & monitoring tasks. Admin Console assign & delegate administrative tasks to a service provider administrator, who can create and manage subsidiary organizations. Let us have a look on the service provider admin console & how its benefits the enterprises & businesses.

Perform management tasks easily

The multi-tenant system leads when business solutions targets particular industry / market that wish to leverage the best of resources for lesser cost & maximum efficiency. User management that is bringing customers & users on board is a primary focus for any Industries / business vendors, since the poor experience of customers will directly affect their growth prospects. Bevywise IoT platform supports multi-tenancy providing better tracking / control of operation done by each employee in the organization. Admin can create user or organizations and provide access to the user to login to IoT platform with user management administrator console. This functionality allows admin to create & edit user accounts and user groups and for assigning access rights to a user or device group. They can add, block, or unblock the tenant below the created user.

Manage user credentials

Security is the major challenge in any of the business / Industrial solutions and it cannot be compromised. At Bevywise, we take IoT security very seriously. We have been providing support of built-in authentication and authorization in the IoT Platform. Authentication in IoT platform ensures that only the trusted user / customer is allowed to connect their devices. It is necessary to know whether the connected device is trustworthy and is working on behalf of the trusted user. With user management administrator console, admin can assign individual Authentication keys & token to the created users. Admin can also create device based auth key for a particular device using device ID. Users can connect their devices using the provided authentication keys & token. Admin can Disable / Enable, Delete or Inactivate the Auth keys and tokens as needed so that the user cannot connect with the auth key / token anymore.

Assign user roles & permissions

A user’s role determines what they can and cannot access or view in the device management portal. This helps businesses easily mange or control their users or customers account under one umbrella. user management administrator console provides three different roles to be assigned for users. This includes Super admin, Admin & Standard user.

  • The Super Admin can oversee & supervise the approach and level of responsibility of all users in an organization. They are the supreme authority of all and manage an organization, admin, and Standard users.
  • Admin will be in the Administrator role and carry on the tasks allotted by the super admin. Admin provides access authority of any aspects to the standard user in their organization.
  • The standard users will only have access to the roles which are allotted to them by their Admins.

In addition to this, each of the above mentioned roles has a default set of permissions. For Example, the default set of permissions for the role, admin includes the access of Dashboard, Device, Report, Rule Engine, Security, Instant Command etc. These permissions can be assigned or unassigned to the admin by the super admin who is the CEO / high authority of the organization. In the same way, there is the default set of permissions for standard users as well. This will help businesses assign the role for each users / customers giving them the most appropriate level of control neither less nor more.

Track devices remotely

Tracking and monitoring devices & assets are necessary for any business / Industrial operations. Real-time & remote monitoring will make it easier for Industries to lessen downtime and keep away from unexpected operational problems. Admin console includes functionality of providing granular control to the admin which provides option to group devices & machines based on departments. User management admin can assign tasks and can create, monitor each customer and their devices and can manage subordinate organizations / device groups. Admin can impose restrictions on each user for accessing devices, sending messages to that device & particular topic. They are provided with the permission to Connect / Disconnect the devices from platform as needed. In addition, admin console consists of error logs which reveal the list of errors that takes place while connecting a device to the IoT Device Management Platform.

Creating & managing dashboards

The utilities of dashboard differs with Business / Industries. Bevywise IoT Platform offers customizable dashboards to integrate widgets based on their needs. It favors admin to create their custom dashboards & widgets to suit their purpose. Comparing process levels with nominal/ideal levels is a decisive part that helps in providing significant improvement in the Industrial process. They can create widgets to have better visual comparisons and deduct anomalies in order to respond quickly. Admin can provide access to their customers to login to view only the created dashboards & widgets.

Managing user event & timer rules

Bevywise IoT Platform has a robust condition-based rule engine which can be used to pass on the alert messages to the subscriber based on the received topics with corresponding messages. Users can also create rules for each key in a complex JSON message. As the service provider, you can create the rules for all the created organizations based on the published topic. Admin can create the condition-based rules to create alerts & events based on the received topic. He can also create event-based or timer-based rules. In addition to this, super admin & admin can control & surveil the rules created by their organization based on the published topic for each customer.

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