MQTT over Websockets

MQTT over Websockets

The support for MQTT over WebSockets is added to the MQTT Broker and the IoT Platform.

Benefits of WebSockets:

WebSockets is the best way to send push notifications to your web and mobile clients.  As always we provide the highest priority for the security and have added the secure web socket in addition to non-TLS based connectivity.

WebSockets Support:

The MQTT broker can listen on the TCP Port and the HTTP port at the same time. You can have part of your clients connected via TCP and part of them via Web sockets.  As we already support the Sensors connectivity, you can have all your sensors connected via our IoT Gateway.

You have to run the broker as Administrator if you want to use the 80 or 443 (for security) port.  If you wish to change the port, You can also update the broker.conf with the required port.

The broker will work with all the standard web socket clients available.  The web socket will help you integrate the broker seamlessly with your mobile and the web clients and will help you connect your clients from behind a firewall or from inside a corporate network without any additional configuration in your firewall.

MQTT Broker is FREE for 25 devices. The broker runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac.  Download the FREE MQTT Broker now.

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