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Why Bevywise?

     Life at Bevywise is more welcoming & supportive with smart people around where people love to work. An intensely fun filled & relaxed atmosphere with versatile working hours. We offer an open environment where bright ideas are given a chance to shine & no one is ever too busy to lend a helping hand. If it sounds good, come, join us & bring your whole self to work. Because we value & celebrate every talent.

 We are looking for people with 1-2 years experience in the relevant field to join our highly energetic team 


Join our Team!

Expertise Needed!

JAVA Full Stack Developer

  • Passionate Developer for building a Complete and secure Server Side application with data storage, analysis and presentation with 2 - 4 years experience.
  • Knowledge of MySQL & MongoDB
  • Building responsive UI - Angular JS / React JS
  • Knowledge on Tomcat & Servlet

Python Full Stack Developer

  • Passionate to Build the Data analytics and presentation module of the IoT Application with 2 - 4 years experience.
  • Expert in Django
  • Building responsive UI - Angular JS / React JS
  • Knowledge of MySQL, Elastic Search
  • Understanding of Data and basic knowledge about data analysis

C Developer

  • A detail oriented person go in depth to understand how network communication work and to create effective server / client applications with 1 - 2 years experience.
  • Expertise in C / C++
  • Good Understanding of Kernel & Linux
  • Work Experience in C
  • Knowledge of Protocols and network
  • Experience integrating C with other languages like Java / Python

WordPress Developer

  • A detailed person who has developed application, plugins over WordPress 2 - 3 years experience.
  • Expert in WordPress
  • Good Command over MySQL Queries
  • Expereince on hosting wordpress applciation behind Apache
  • Plugin Development.
  • Integration of WP with other Platforms using REST and WP Hooks.


  • Knowledge of Selenium
  • Manual Testing
  • Automation Testing

Come, Work with us!


Mail your resume to [email protected]