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    Abella Ingrid

    Hai. I have an issue with interfacing the MQTTRoute to MYSQL Server in Linux. I have VM on Debian 9. I have installed MYSQL and it likewise began to run. The database and client for MQTTRoute also exist. I have installed the python module using the script. I additionally changed DB_SERVER= MYSQL in the data_store.conf file, But when I attempt to run the broker it shows the message like “please install MySQL connector and set MYSQL connector path at data_store.conf”. If I change DB_SERVER to SQLITE, MQTTRoute is running typically.

    Error in connecting MYSQL

    Lakshmi Deepa

    Hello Abella. This issue can be solved by reinstalling and re-configuring the MYSQL server. Follow the beneath steps to beat this issue. 

    Open Terminal and go to./Bevywise/MQTTRoute/bin
    Run the sh, this file will install all dependence and Python MYSQL-connector (version 8.0.5). 
    Install MySQL 5.7 server or higher and afterward set MYSQL username and password in the data_store.conf file. 
    If you have installed MariaDB instead of MYSQL 5.7, please install MYSQL 5.7 or higher to connect. Since MariaDB will not support Bevywise MQTT Broker.
    When the establishment is finished it shows the message like “Now you can connect the MQTT broker to MYSQL or MSSQL”. 
    At that point run the broker using sh command in terminal. 
    Presently, your MQTT broker is connected with MYSQL and you can open the program and view your associated devices. 

    To know more information about interfacing MYSQL with MQTTBroker and how to connect MYSQL for Windows please refer help document.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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