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    Are you happy seeing long queue in your shop? But your customers won’t be…Probably queuing deter them from coming again & purchasing.

    What will you do? Are you going to pay multiple employees to work to manage the queue? It feels unprofitable.

    Here comes IoT……

    An Automated Checkout System using IoT devices will make your customers happy & more willing to enter your shop especially if they are on a time crunch.

    Retailers should deploy iot solutions to gain increased insights into customer preferences.


    Are your patients waiting longer in your hospital lobbies for care ?

    Is it good to say them “Thanks for suffering in silence”?. Inadequate physicians & lack of timely medical care will leave them feeling frustrated.

    What will you do? Is it possible to assign physicians for each patient individually?

    Here comes IoT…..

    Location Tracking System deployed in hospitals that keeps track of patients, staff members, medical devices & other essentials will decrease waiting time by better coordination & increase patient satisfaction.

    Patient Satisfaction will have a direct relationship to the revenue hospitals generate.


    Are you measuring your manufacturing productivity right?

    Is the traditional way of calculation using log sheets, provide you the accurate results?

    If No,…..How could you improve productivity with an inaccurate data?

    From now on….Don’t get frustrated with the old measurements.

    The Industrial production monitoring solution will not only provide the accurate results on OEE, but also provides the real-time view on your shop floor.

    You can measure, analyse & improve productivity with much ease.

    Measuring & Improving OEE will have a direct relationship to Industry’s ROI.


    Won’t you feel amazed, seeing 15% cutback in your electricity bill??

    Yes, you will. From now on…. cut down your business’ energy cost by stop paying to light up the night.

    The Smart IoT solutions using Motion-sensor lighting system detects the presence of people & turns the light on or off accordingly. This will solve the security problems as well by turning the lights on in case of crime.

    Investing in IoT solutions will likely be a cheaper option which can bring substantial savings.


    Disease in livestock causes $200 billion economic loss

    Aren’t the stats terrible?…Yes!

    IoT based sensor will help you keep tabs on your livestock to make holistic decisions on prevention & control of diseases.

    IoT Application in Cattle Monitoring


    Slash agricultural water consumption by 30% with IoT.

    Soil moisture sensor will help you maintain soil health, improve water conservation & increase crop yield by providing precise moisture conditions.


    Fight the infectious disease outbreak with IoT.

    Act fast in combating the issue of global health emergencies & pandemics.


    The threat of Coronavirus (Covid-19) becomes widespread and the people are scrambling to find ways to protect themselves from getting sick. Practise the steps below to fight off the deadly covid19 and limit the novel coronavirus spread.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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