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    MQTTRoute is a perfect middleware that provides secured data collection & for a secure MQTT cloud and on premise deployment. It is one of the most affordable & fastest MQTT Broker built on C & Python which works with all standard MQTT clients & helps you collect data from edge devices & manage devices better. It is a highly extendable python MQTT Broker that comes up with the customizable UI with widgets & charts, custom storage configuration & AI/ML integration.
    The complete IoT application framework will help you build & manage Industrial IoT applications faster & much easier. You can embed AI & ML algorithms & build your IoT application in a day with this highly flexible MQTT Broker.


    Is there a way I can integrate MQTT Broker with Node-Red ?

    Lakshmi Deepa S

    Yes, you can integrate the MQTT broker into Node-RED to urge a virtual IoT network that saves cost and time. The subsequent steps will assist you to integrate Node-RED into the MQTT broker.
    Install Node.js and npm in your PC to put in Node-RED software packages.
    Install Node-RED.
    Install Bevywise MQTT broker.
    Configure Node-RED.
    After Node-RED configuration, start the Bevywise MQTT broker.
    Once Bevywise MQTT broker started, Node-RED will get connected.
    Subscribe to topics.
    Node-RED will start publishing.
    For more information refer to this blog Node-RED MQTT broker integration.

    Linda Madison

    How to send and receive JSON data over MQTT?

    Lakshmi Deepa S

    JSON is a well-liked format for encoding/decoding data and sending it over the online and also for storing it. Python makes it easy to form JSON encode data strings and to decode it. JSON data sent to each MQTT topic must be 75 bytes or less. To use the MQTT node you would like to possess access to the broker. Using the broker address and the topic, you will configure the MQTT input node to subscribe thereon topic, causing it to get a replacement message whenever new data is published thereon topic. The message will contain information on the published data, including data in message payload and MQTT broker topic in message topic. First drag and drop an MQTT input node and configure the subject to something unique. You can use web sockets clients, MQTT dashboard, or your own library to send MQTT messages to brokers. Since you are sending the JSON string you have got to parse the message that the MQTT node generates when it receives the MQTT message. To do that you simply got to drag and drop the JSON node, and connect it to the MQTT’s node output. Node-red’s JSON node parses the incoming message and tries to convert it to JSON. If you send it a JSON string, it will convert it into a javascript object.

    Nguyen Dang

    Does MQTT defines the way to store data?

    Lakshmi Deepa S

    MQTT is an incredible convention for sensors to distribute information to their endorsers,  but when it comes to analysis or reporting you require historical data. Most MQTT Brokers don’t give any built-in mechanism to save MQTT information into the database. In any case, our Bevywise MQTT Broker stores data by gathering information from IoT edge devices and putting away them in SQLite. It has the choice to store the data in MYSQL and ElasticSearch for ground-breaking data visualization and analysis. All the associated device details are stored in MYSQL and the distributed payloads are stored in Elastic Search. You will have the option to design the MQTTRoute to store information on any big data engines like MongoDB, Redis, Node-Red, Social Application, Modbus, Tableau, and so on. You will likewise have the option to customize data storage utilizing a custom store module.
    For further information refer to the MQTT Route storage options for more details.

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