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Lakshmi Deepa S

MQTT is an incredible convention for sensors to distribute information to their endorsers,  but when it comes to analysis or reporting you require historical data. Most MQTT Brokers don’t give any built-in mechanism to save MQTT information into the database. In any case, our Bevywise MQTT Broker stores data by gathering information from IoT edge devices and putting away them in SQLite. It has the choice to store the data in MYSQL and ElasticSearch for ground-breaking data visualization and analysis. All the associated device details are stored in MYSQL and the distributed payloads are stored in Elastic Search. You will have the option to design the MQTTRoute to store information on any big data engines like MongoDB, Redis, Node-Red, Social Application, Modbus, Tableau, and so on. You will likewise have the option to customize data storage utilizing a custom store module.
For further information refer to the MQTT Route storage options for more details.