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    I have installed IoT Simulator and configured mySQL. I wish to retrieve the publish and subscribe log details (like actual publish/subscribe message timestamp) from mySQL database. I assumed message_log and ack_log tables might contain these details but these are empty. I believe it should be stored in database as I am able to see the network logs in UI. Could you please help me by providing details on whether such details are stored in database. If not, is there any alternative way to retrieve network log details.


    Lakshmi Deepa

    Hai Neetha, We have customized our Bevywise IoT Simulator as per your requirement.

    The IoT simulator can be customized using a python-based interface called Python interceptor, which is in the simulator settings tab. This interceptor provides all client information and its received payload(all Pub/Sub logs) via a python file called “” which is in the python file extension folder. In that python file, you can also write your own code based on the received payload.

    I have attached the build, which will store the pub/sub logs in MySQL via Python Interceptor in this link. Please download it and set up the python interceptor by following the steps mentioned in this link. You can also refer to our Simulator settings video tutorial.


    Hi Lakshmi,
    Thank you for providing custom build in such a short time. Really, appreciate your help!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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