Hosted MQTT Broker Features

Start your Industrial or commercial IoT implementation with scalable Hosted MQTT Broker

Our Features

Reliable M2M Messaging

For people building IOT Application behind MQTT Client consuming all data

Powerful MQTT Dashboard

Live MQTT dashboard to display data from your IoT devices / sensors in real-time. View & control your MQTT enabled connected devices, MQTT topics, published messages and error logs. Get access to real-time happenings & historical data to analyse trends.

Powerful MQTT Dashboard
Rules Engine to Automate

Rules Engine to automate

Actuate your edge devices based on data from sensors, specific time publish subscribe topics and message data by defining rules. Communicate in a seamless M2M method & trigger one or several actions with event based and timer based rules.

Secure M2M communication

Hosted MQTT broker authenticates the connected client/devices or sensors with multiple security options. SSL / TLS Communication to help encrypt & secure the IoT / MQTT data. Enable multiple MQTT authentication for additional MQTT security functionality.


Compliant with MQTT

Hosted MQTT Broker works in line with the MQTT protocol standard specification including all QoS levels, WILL & retained message, persistent sessions, Wild card subscription & more to provide a reliable message delivery. CrystalMQ best suits for all your MQTT implementation.

Our Features

Run Powerful IoT / IIoT Application

Connect your device and start to visualize device data to impress your customers

Interactive Live widgets

Visualize IOT data with powerful Graphs, interactive charts and widgets with a few clicks. Set up & configure widgets to show anomalies with color changes and predefined allowed ranges. Scalable to fit all your industrial and commercial IoT implementation.


Seamless REST based APIs

Flexible integration of any application with REST based APIs. Build User friendly Mobile Application for IoS / Android using the REST based API’s to publish messages & Data integration with your ERP / Business management application.

Data Storage

CrystalMQ uses data storage to store all connected device details, their status, WILL topic and message, retain flag, clean session, published payloads, subscriber details, created rule engine data, etc, and can be queried by your application for visualization.


Dedicated server instances

We provide you a own MQTT Broker instance on a dedicated server. You will be benefitted from the single-tenant isolation where your server instances are not shared with other customers or tenants.

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