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Redefining Man Machine Collaboration.


Transforming the way Industry operates and humans collaborate with technology to enable smart usage of data for enhancing traceability, enhanced OEE & improved productivity. In other words, let man interact & exchange information with intelligent Machines.

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Driving intelligent Man-Machine interaction

The digital transformation of production makes it possible for everyone in the organization as well as machines to collect and analyse data, permitting maximum output with minimal intervention/mediation.

Industry 4.0 merges cyber-physical systems & point up advances in communication & security. To clarify, let Interconnected smart machines work coordinative and give real time data to create the factory of the future. So, production managers can analyse the performance of the entire production line on a real time basis. Certainly, the way humans collaborate with Industry 4.0 technology & industrial internet helps Industries create good quality products, improve production operations, reduce costs & elevate efficiency.

Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Man Machine interaction
Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Traceability

Ensure Traceability

Identify and track work-in-progress (WIP) and finished goods by improving the connection between physical & digital technologies, certainly to optimize manufacturing processes, improve yields and ensure quality end products.

For instance, have a laser-sharp focus on productivity & quality by enabling real-time, high-speed inspection results of machine, process and WIP data to proactively improve manufacturing operations in smart factory. To clarify, Keep a pulse on industrial activity, production line processes, and product quality with the visual records of each shifts and assembly stages.

Live Tracking of Productivity

Tracking production is a main strategy to measure, analyze and certainly to improve visibility throughout the manufacturing processes, from raw material to finished product.

Consequently, data is the key for successful production tracking and manufacturers hugely rely on its insights to bring about crash course decisions on the production floor. So, exploit the potential of machine data to fire up your industry’s continuous improvement efforts. Hence, enable real-time visibility into machine and its performance to increase the accuracy of tracking production lines and to tackle age-old problems like downtime and more. Above all, Smartly track & trace instances in the production cycle.

Industry 4.0 manufacturing Live Tracking
Industry 4.0 manufacturing to reduce manual entry
digitizing data collection

Reduced Manual Entry / Digitizing Data collection

Inaccurate data collection is even now a dramatic hassle in the majority of the manufacturing industries which are primarily rooted in manual methods of data collection.

The biggest challenge is to derive valuable insight from manufacturing big data. Certainly, the data just sits in spread sheets negatively impacting everything from production to quality with no visibility into production.  But, competitive advantage stems from accurate, live information. However, automated data collection alone empowers manufacturers to mediate on unplanned production downtime on time, and production managers to make effective decisions on what to consider & improve. And so, it reaps the benefits throughout every level of mass production from improved product quality and compliance, decreased costs and risk, and to make more strategic, data-driven business decisions.

track oee icon

Track & Achieve Higher OEE

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) tracking is highly effective & needed one for efficient production management & supervision.

Likewise, keeping an eye on OEE permits production managers to make suitable modifications and alterations to battle the losses and optimize production. As a result, OEE tracking could be the best way for productivity improvement. In addition, as everybody thinks, OEE is not about displaying how well a production process is operating at different stages & different times. However, it is specially meant to exhibit where improvements can be made. Therefore, act on the suggestions pin pointed by OEE data and achieve better productivity & OEE.

Industry 4.0-Track and achieve higher OEE
Industry 4.0 Manufacturing - Predictive Maintenance
predictive maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Predicting the actual issues before it becomes a serious failure will prevent the downtime from reoccurring again and again. Moreover to make proactive decisions.

Firstly, predictive maintenance will enable production managers to target and trace their production plans with better accuracy. Secondly, with predictive maintenance, manufacturers could bring down machine downtime and unplanned maintenance activities to a larger extent. And reducing the unplanned downtime will automatically lead to flawless production chains that finally boost overall profitability. In other words, manufacturers can make proactive decisions with ease using fourth industrial revolution technologies like internet of things IoT & artificial intelligence.

Are you sure your manufacturing operation is running as efficiently as it could be?

Track & Improve the Effectiveness of your Entire Production Line.

Industry 4.0 Solutions

Industry 4.0 production monitoring solution

Production Monitoring Solution

Pace DPR, the OEE software to drive world-class productivity by automating data collection from machines, displaying & visualizing data in real-time, certainly tracking downtime & more

Industry 4.0 production management solution

Production Management Solution

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to ensure effective execution of manufacturing operations by monitoring & managing the key resources of man, machine and material on the shop floor

Industry 4.0 energy management

Energy Monitoring and Management

Foster energy management to monitor & manage energy consumption in your Industry. Capture energy parameters with real-time status to improve energy efficiency & ROI

Industry 4.0 predictive maintenance

Predictive Maintenance Solution

Prevent unexpected machine downtime by anticipating / predicting equipment failures in real-time enabling advanced scheduling for fixing errors with predictive maintenance



For Other Customized Solutions

Industry 4.0 Customized solutions

Benefitting Manufacturers

Industry 4.0 production manager

Production In-line Manager

Real-time data with remote monitoring permits production managers to regulate numerous features of production which includes machines, product quality and quantity, and make them timely informative about the production status. Above all, everything, with respect to the ongoing production status can be viewed by the production manager.

Industry 4.0 Machine engineer

Machine Engineer

Machine engineers can easily manage industrial machines and oversee & supervise the overall manufacturing process on the shop floor by monitoring key parameters. Likewise, with predictive maintenance, unplanned downtime can be decreased with increase in availability. To clarify, they will be earlier to stoppages.

Industry 4.0-QC-and-Production-Engineer

QC and Production Engineer

By tracking and efficiently monitoring manufacturing processes, faulty products can be identified right away and above all necessary modification can be done to make cent percent quality products. In addition, wastefulness in production process can be eliminated easily.

Industry 4.0-Operator


Machine to Machine connectivity enables production operators to group the production work and helps them monitor & manage more working machines. Certainly, it satisfies the goal of complete production operation in the manufacturing industry.

Do you want to maximize profitability, quality and compliance of manufacturing operations?

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Did you know?

In the World Economic Forum’s 50th meeting, Industry 4.0 is added as a strategic insight for renovating the economy feasibly following the Covid-19 pandemic.

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