Factovize MES Software Features

Intelligent insight & outright visibility of your production line to optimize workflow & to maximize profitability of manufacturing operations. 





Plan to get most from your machinery & production process. Make a satisfactory production planning for smarter use of materials & resources.

Set your production target

Fix your OEE target to manage & start improving your manufacturing performance

Add your production target to achieve your OEE goal with respect to availability, performance & quality. Fix an OEE target that will propel valid, gradual improvement for your process. Let your production target be clear, challenging & attainable.

Import machine plan

Make an accurate & effective machine planning to work seamlessly with your machinery

Define work plan for each machine & parts in each shifts in your machinery. Easily set up plan for multiple machines in one go with import option. Being able to devise & monitor work plans, Factovize MES Software permits you to manage machines/equipment correctly & make operational decisions.

Manage your resources

Take a systematic approach to plan, monitor & organize your available resources

Set & define your available resources & allocate them to guide what employees, & machines should do, and track their current performance or just have done. Ensure that the machinery plan is perfectly erected for processing, and furnishes real-time status.

View your production plan

Keep track of your production plan to improve the efficiency of your manufacturing process

Factovize MES software enables production managers to have constant supervision of the shop floor ensuring everything is moving as planned. View & compare your planned production result with the actual result for each day & shift to address the gap quickly so that you can complete your order on time.


Real-time data collection & monitoring of assets in production line. Gain complete visibility & control of your Industry.

Real-time tracking

Monitor your production process, machines & assets in real-time

Live data collection & monitoring of assets in the shop floor. The accurate & timeliness of production information to track & control each & every operation in the production cycle & to maximize production efficiency & minimize production waste.

OEE tracking

Real-time Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metric tracking

Tracking OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) & downtime just got easier with the MES. Get the real-time visual form of OEE data along with the availability. performance & quality. Drill down into each machine card to know the OEE data for the specific/selected machine.

Live Dashboard

Visually track & monitor production KPIs at one central point

High level view of your departments, machines, & process in the production line. Select specific departments and machines to view status and performance for a selected shift in a real-time visual representation of the whole manufacturing production process.

Machine Monitoring

A quick, up-to-date picture of what is going on in each machine

The complete view of each machine on the shop floor. With the easy-to-use drop-down menu, you can quickly access important information on a desired machine & its single day production report in visual form of OEE metrics along with part count, scrap count & downtime reasons.


Gain intelligent insight and visibility of your production to increase your efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Downtime Analysis

Analyse and Minimize causes of machine downtime

Accurately monitor machine downtime and minimize losses through powerful downtime analysis. Automatically pinpoint unnecessary stoppages and downtime reason codes. Analyse the downtime events happened & react fast to avoid serious issues.

Quality Analysis

Analyse & control quality by tracking production metrics & KPIs

Detailed analysis of the quality output from your machinery by manually entering the defective ones / rejects produced with reason codes. Make use of it to capture insight of product quality issues in the respective departments, shifts or machines and the effects they have on the product outcome.

Production Report

Get your overall production status with Hourly production report

A detailed tabular report with hourly data on machines in each shift with downtime, defects & OEE data with respect to availability, performance & quality. You can retrieve production report for a specific date selected.

Actual vs Planned production

Compare your expected production performance with the actual one

Complete analysis of the execution of your equipment with comparisons to actual & planned data. Capture insight of how the actual performance rates differ from your planned performance rates and discern where performance loss occurs interms of operator inefficiencies, maintenance, equipment failure, minor stops & more.

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