Factovize MES Software Features

Smart analysis and complete real-time visibility into your production line to improve work process flow and increase manufacturing profitability.

Live Dashboard

  • Real-time tracking and reporting on departments, machines, and processes in the manufacturing line.

  • Flexible in order to improve the process.

  • To visualise production and operating data in real time is one of the most significant advantages for production management.

  • Allows you to view shop floor production blind spots and visualise bottlenecks.

Production Planning

Production Planning

  • Improve production visualisation by displaying scheduled downtime events, such as when maintenance or training is taking place, or when switching between products.

  • Make a schedule for several machines at once using the import option.

  • Create a productive manufacturing process that follows the strategy.

  • Enhance production planning and monitoring, and improves productivity.

OEE Tracking

  • Measures a machine’s productivity while taking into account its availability, execution, and quality yield.

  • OEE tracking reports are the best technique for monitoring and improving manufacturing operations.

  • Implement an OEE to maximise the benefits by collecting and reporting data.

  • Used as an integral part of the manufacturing process to achieve maximum productivity and sustainable development.

production report

Production Report

  • Get a general hourly production report that compares your plan’s availability, performance, and quality.

  • Manages the aggregation and calculation of raw production data, turning it into KPIs and metrics that can be used in charts, dashboards, and reports.

  • Evaluate the manufacturing process and the physical flow of products.

  • Provide visibility and insight into each stage of your manufacturing process.

Downtime Analysis

  • Keep track of manufacturing downtime to figure out how much production capacity you’ve lost.

  • Make a detailed history of downtime events for analysis, understand where the real losses are, and where to focus.

  • Reduce the impact of machine downtime and take proactive measures to avoid it.

  • By reducing, regular unplanned stoppages and production slowdowns result in reducing the level of these interruptions leads to more accurate delivery forecasts.


Quality Analysis

  • Analyze manufacturing variations and improve the quality of products in certain departments, shifts, or machines.

  • Perform relevant quality data analysis to identify the root causes of quality issues.

  • Provide items that are free of defects and suit the needs.

  • Enforcing a repeatable process as well as generating lot of data for continuous improvement.

Collect data from any machine

  • Machine data collection allows for better OEE measurement, understanding, and optimization of production.

  • Any machine that collects data can generate behavioural changes that improve the shop floor.

  • Prevent problems from occurring by analysing data collected from any equipment.

  • Throughput can be increased by identifying constraints and resource efficiency can be improved by visualising operation status.


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