Factovize MES System Documentation

Introduction to MES system

A Factovize MES system (Manufacturing Execution System) is a data framework that screens and tracks the process of fabricated products on the processing plant floor. The general objective of Factovize MES system is to verify that assembling activities to developing the execution creation yield. That objective is accomplished by following and collecting ongoing and precise information about the total creation lifecycle. MES system provides icons such as OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), production planning, production management, real-time monitoring, machine performance analysis, manufacturing production reporting, complete digitized and go paperless, maintenance management, and quality report & analysis.

Essential components in Factovize MES system

The Factovize MES system has the following key components:

MES system-OEE Tracking

OEE (Overall equipment effectiveness), making OEE reports is the best practice for tracking improving operations of manufacturing in the industry. OEE is a proportion of Equipment Losses. The role of OEE is to benchmark progress in further developing manufacturing productivity. It is for measuring the overall efficiency of equipment’s level of productivity in the MES system.

MES system-Data Visualization

Graphical representation is the data visualization that gives the features of MES system information and data. It also gives us an unmistakable thought of what the data implies by giving it a visual setting through graphs or diagrams. It makes the information more regular for the human mind to grasp and makes it simpler to recognize patterns, examples, and exceptions inside enormous information collections.

MES system- Settings

The production manager/ the leading official who has complete control or access to the entire organisation can update this profile page based on their industry. On this page, they can change their details to update the company profile. This page contains the personal information of the admin in the entire organisation.

MES settings

In the below screen capture, the leading official can edit the company information and set the shift timings. Because he only has access to the pages. If the higher official permits the particular department head or another employee to access the pages, then only they can do. Otherwise, they can see the information on these profile pages and can not edit anything without the permission of the leading official in the entire organisation.

MES settings

MES setup

In Factovize MES system, you must create a setup on parts, process department, employees, machines, cycle times, bad quantity reasons, downtime reasons, and targets for further process. The end reports depend on the above fields on the MES setup page. Now let us see how are all the steps to set up the above field entries.

MES setup

There are two methods to add the above setup fields. They are,

1. In this MES system setup page, the add icon “+” is in the right side corner. Using the icon, you can set up the above fields. Make a look at the below screenshot for a better understanding.


2. In particular, to include the data essentials by clicking each of the menus. From this also you can add the details in the fields. Click the icon “+” in the right side corner to add the fields in the particular icon. You can use the import button to import a large number of part details from an excel file. This type of data import will save you time while also ensuring the safety of your data.Check the below screenshot for your reference.

Add parts

Each MES setup page contains a show button in the left side corner to reveal the number of entries that you want to see on the particular page. So, you can edit how many entries you want to notice on a specific page. Then, the right side corner of the page contains the search button to find out what data you want from the fields. So, you can easily find out what information you want from the particular page.

Each menu has some fields related to the icon and also some features on every page. You can make the view of data in an ascending or descending manner for your convenience. Tap the field name to change the order. By using this, you can get the data entries in some order.

Some of the fields in the setup page are used for the final report, which are part number, department name, machine name/ machine ID, worst quantity reason, downtime reason. Therefore, if you want to get an excellent report, you must fill out the above entries correctly.

Let us see the menus one by one and also what the fields are there. Setting up our Factovize MES system similar to the below order will seem like the easiest one for those who need it and also gives a much better understanding.

This employee section page contains the details of the employees in the organization. Even here, you can add your employee details and arrange them in-field-wise ascending or descending order.

Add employee

Each department is a group in the organisation, and it has a gathering of capacities within a business that is answerable for the manufacture of goods. The different departments in manufacturing are responsible for implementing and making the products. The department menu page in MES set up has fields named department name, process, and display name. The data in this menu is for the department dashboard and the department’s single-day production report. Therefore make the entries as per your convenience to get accurate end reports.


The machines section has fields such as machine id, machine name, department, process, and info. The data in this menu is for the bad quantity reasons & downtime reasons dashboard reports based on machine plan and the machine’s single-day production report. Therefore create the entries according to your convenience and to get precise end reports.


The production method in manufacturing is called a process. The purpose of the process is to guarantee consistency. A good process is like a checklist that ensures productivity for the organization. The best process is not only a checklist or an agenda. However, also the steps and activities to be done to obtain the desired output. The menu named process has fields such as process name, process parameter, and description. Here also, you can add new entries using this “+” button that is in the right side corner of the page as shown below and also you can arrange the order as per your need.

Add process

The parts menu has fields such as part number, part name, description, and options. Complete the entries to get the data that you need in the final report. Here, the option field is to edit or delete the particular row entries.


Cycle time is the measure of time a group spends dealing with delivering a task up until the item is prepared for shipment. Cycle time is the time required to complete production. Cycle time is one of the essential aspects of manufacturing. MES frameworks use this cycle time to schedule the manufacture for the organisation. In this cycle times set up page, according to part number & process insert the ideal cycle time in seconds, allowance in seconds and add the part per cycle is in the utilization report. You can add the description details based on the above details. Here also you can add the data or fields using the “+” icon in the right side corner of the page. If you want to import the cycle time details in excel using the import option to done it.

Cycle time

In this section, you can add what all the reasons happen during production and it is useful for the visualization of the report. Here you can add the department wise possible bad quantity reasons that happens during the production time.

bad quanity reasons

In this segment, you can add every one of the reasons that occur during creation, and it is helpful for the representation of the report. Here you can add the department, specify the reason color, and reason type-wise possible downtime reasons.


Here you can set the target of the production to each department’s availability, performance, quality, and OEE calculation. The OEE formula is calculated by multiplying the most important parameters availability, performance and quality and it is represented by a percentage.


MES Visualization

The MES system has various methods of visualization and would thus be able to be ordered and streamlined for each need and application. All recorded information can clearly be coordinated here as required. This empowers production of an up-to-date control of productivity. Let us see the MES visualization one by one as follows,

MES visualization

The first section in the MES visualization is Bad quantity section. In this bad quantity section, you can add the possible rejection quantity during the production with reasons for the particular department, machine, shift, and part. you can choose or set the fields to make the entries. Using the add button you can make the entries one by one as shown below.

MES -Bad

Tap the view button which is on the top left to see the appended bad quantity reason entries. This section is mainly used to make a look of bad quantity reasons in one place. These bad quantity reasons are for different departments, machines, shifts, and parts that are already appended. It gives a clear understanding of the list of bad quantity reasons made in the production.

MES set

In this down time entry section, you can add the downtime reasons for the particular department, machine, shift, and part. Down time is nothing but it is a time period when a machine is not in production and also this down time information helps to assist with recognizing where the time is spent separated from production and you can make a move to address them. You can add your reasons accordingly and choose or set the fields to make the entries. Using the update button you can make the entries one by one as shown below.

MES down

Tap the view button which is on the top left to see the updated downtime entries. This section is mainly used to make a look of down time reasons in one place. These down time reasons are for different departments, machines, shifts, and parts that are already updated.

view down

In this Machine plan page you can add the machine plans with shifts, machine, part, process, and partcount using the add button. The above fields data are taken from the cycle times page in MES set up page. Using the cycle times page as reference and make the entries carefully. You need to choose the right part and process so you can see the comparing cycle time as the cycle time is interconnected with it. You can get the shift wise machine plan data on this page by changing the shift. This page is an import machine project feature. You must give the plan at least one day in advance and also feature dates can be imported.

machine plan

In this Plan vs Actual visualization page, compare the planned target and the actual data of all machines productivity. You can select the shift to view the shift wise all machines planned vs actual productivity here. We know how much completed and how much are in pending state via this page.


In this Department OEE Trend page, you can see some parameters monthly, yearly percentage report. The parameters are availability, performance, quality and OEE.  The Plant OEE trend is also just like this  department OEE trend.

OEE trend

In this department OEE report page gives the today, monthly, yearly report for the all departments. In this report get the department wise availability, performance, quality, and OEE percentage. The different colors help to notice the separate the today, monthly, and yearly information.


The production yield report gives the production analysis of the unit wise and department wise data. The use of this production yield report is to help the managers with getting an unmistakable image creation of all department productivity across their plants.


The manufacturing/production utilization is the utilization report gives a reasonable image of how well and proficient your assembling activity/creation is by contrasting the variables brought in with your MES frameworks. This utilization report is based on what the reasons you added in the downtime reason section. Based on the reasons will get this utilization report of the process.


The Single Day Production Report is filled out by parameters of the production, and contains the key information about the parameters. This production report gives the machine wise availability, performance, quality, OEE percentage & graph report and partcount, downtime reasons, bad quantity graph report that is used to make a look on the above parameters in one place.


The department dashboard page gives data / information about the particular department. This dashboard report gives the department wise availability, performance, quality, OEE percentage & graph report and partcount, downtime reasons, bad quantity graph report that is used to make a look on the above parameters in one place. If you want to get a particular department report then you can select the needed department using the left side corner drop down button.


A production report contains detailed information about the organisation’s production data. This live production report gives the specific machines shift wise hourly data, shift production data, total production data of the particular machines, data of the downtime, defects data and the percentage of availability, performance , quality & OEE to the particular machine. You can get the relevant information for that day by selecting the specific date. The above parameters percentage is differentiated by different colors for better understanding of the production of a particular machine.


final report