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Pace DPR

OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) provides a high level overview of the machines overall efficiency. Pace DPR helps you monitor your machines based on its availability, performance based on the part cycle time and the quality issues. Drill down deeper into each machine to predict and fix the quality issues. Satisfy your production plan with the perfect visualization of all performance parameters.


Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Ensure effective execution of manufacturing operations by monitoring & managing the key resources of man, machine and material on the shop floor with IoT applications. Track and gather accurate real-time data about the complete production line with perfect visibility. Eliminate inefficiencies and make better decisions with accurate, perfect real-time information from MES. Create reports for different stake holders as required. 

Energy Management Dashboard

Energy Monitoring and Management

Foster the energy management with IoT application to monitor and manage energy consumption in your Industry. Capture energy parameters with pre-built widgets that displays real-time view of state of your energy consumption. Enhance your energy management process & improve energy efficiency and ROI with IoT applications.

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