IoT Dashboard

Visualizing Numeric and text data of your real time devices connected to AWS IoT to ensure layman can understand and take actions.

Your Free Live IoT Dashboard Companion for AWS IoT

IoT Live Dashboard

– Talk the Layman Language

Build real-time, interactive dashboards with dynamic widgets in minutes to have powerful visualizations of IoT Data & monitor devices remotely. Make a quick, effective & effectual decisions by understanding the data easily & transform it into an actionable insight. Gauge chart with scales of diverging colours will help users pinpoint the issues without knowing the data. The text widget with different colour changes will alert the users & help them to capture anomalies easier & to make necessary decisions.

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Free IoT dashboard widgets

Free IoT Dashboard Widgets

– for Diversified Usecases

Turn your IoT data into actionable insights by making a smart, data driven decisions with pre-configured widgets such as Text chart, Color, Line chart, Bar chart, Gauge chart, Horizontal Gauge, Vertical Gauge, LED Light. Widgets captures changes in real-time data non-intrusively and helps in analysing data-in-motion in order to respond to time-sensitive operational events. The pre-built dynamic widgets captures performance metrics, anomalies & can facilitate work and accelerate almost any business activity.


AWS IoT Platform Support

With the global accessibility of the cloud service platforms like AWS, the storage and processing of millions of data & messages becomes easy and secure for all businesses. But, we cannot directly connect the tools with AWS to analyse how much data / messages are stored and sent and their data rate. However, by connecting IoT Client Dashboard with AWS, the real-time data on the quantity of approaching and active messages and their data rate can be visualized and monitored using the pre-built widgets.
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