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In the era of IoT, billions of devices are connected around the world and the vast amount of data is being collected and shared. But the raw form of data collected alone is not ample to drive any business. Instead, the visual form of data along with an actionable insight can make a big change. Wondering how? This is how visualization comes into effect. The data presented in more insightful one can help any business to create a viable & feasible business strategy. But how the IoT data can be visualized? Here comes the IoT Dashboard. Dashboard accords the power to the visual form of IoT data. For Example, Monitoring energy KPIs will provide the data on energy usage & consumption. However with an IoT Dashboard the improved visibility of energy consumption with its perfect aspect will help the operators/managers know exactly how much the cost was spent on electricity and to make decisive decisions. IoT Dashboard does not limit its applications to any particular Businesses / Industrial Sectors. Furthermore, it has a wide range of applications in almost any sector such as manufacturing, Healthcare, energy, retail and to name more. This article explains a few applications & use cases where IoT Dashboard is requisite to revamp business.

Tracking the Manufacturing Process

Production data in manufacturing is manually recorded today. There is a high possibility of manual errors and manipulation to be happen over the manual data. Besides, the large amount of data recorded in log sheets cannot be managed easily and it will not help operators in improving & boosting manufacturing productivity. But, accessing and improving shop floor performance can made facile with the Manufacturing dashboard. Dashboard acts as an efficient tool for tracking the productivity levels of manufacturing process. Production volumes and capacity can be monitored daily for machinery, production lines or entire shop floor. The performance metrics and KPIs can be visualized in the form of graphs & charts in real-time. To provide an excellent production monitoring system for the shop floor, we have built the daily production monitor, OEE DPR as a part of one of MES initiatives.

Pace DPR helps Industries extract data from Machines from digital signals on machine panels and Microcontrollers using Modbus, Profinet, MTConnect, OPC UA, etc., These data collected are processed in real-time at the central server and presented on a smart manufacturing IoT dashboard. It provides a bird’s eye view of the overall factory KPIs like availability, performance, and Quality. User can drill down deeper into the individual machines KPIs as well. Manual Quality entries and loss booking will help deeper analyse the root cause and improve availability and overall OEE. Diversified reports based on dates and based on machines can be downloaded for records and analysis.

Monitoring Energy Consumption

Energy is one of the most important factors in the Industries. Efficient energy use and monitoring energy are essential for increasing RoI and to decrease the energy bill in the industry. Energy monitoring is made possible with IoT applications by collecting energy data to make intelligent business decisions to improve energy efficiency. Business’s can calculate their ROI and seek additional funding for further improvements by monitoring energy usage. For industrial customers, there are ‘n’ number of parameters available to be managed such as Voltage, Power, Current, Amplitude, and Frequency, etc. The most important parameters that affect the ROI of the industries are voltage, current in each phase and power consumed in a day. Monitoring and measuring these parameters in real-time makes the energy monitoring into a successful one.

Bevywise IoT Platform consists of pre-built widgets that will help people energize and monitor your power generation, distribution & Consumption with IoT Dashboard. It displays trends over a period that captures these energy parameters to give a state of your energy consumption. The widgets furnishes a complete view of volt inconsistency to reduce energy use. Improving the load factor will reduce the average unit cost and help companies to save money and provide energy managers with better insights. The Historical data chart bestow overall power consumption per day. By tracking historical energy usage business’s can develop budgets for annual energy consumption and cost.

Managing Customer Details

Managing the customers’ information and devices deployed on customer premises is one of the challenging tasks for any business organization. On premise support for customers will create a dent in the RoI. The solution providers used to implement a stand alone platform for each customer. This will increase the maintenance, development cost and hard to monitor. To overcome this, the providers can deploy our Bevywise IoT platform in a cloud server and give access or login to each customer. The Device Manager in the IoT platform allows each user to create individual web access and helps customers to monitor the device or resource individually. It saves cost and time. The IoT device manager takes complete control of your devices and securely manages your business entities. Bevywise IoT platform has an elegant and transparent dashboard which monitors device and data without any complexity. It also has a separate dashboard for users and administrators. Users can view the relevant happenings in the IoT platform on the dashboard.

Remote Monitoring & Alerting

The IoT Home security system is gaining attention as there is an increasing need for security in today’s world. It helps people control their appliances in home remotely and securely as it can create instant alerts to people. But an exquisite Dashboard that provides all recent activities, and can alarm & alert users is necessary to power the security system. This is because the number of events, alarms, and the data collected by the security system requires constant attention. This helps people have fast access to everything else that matters.

One of our customer built Home security solution over Bevywise MQTT Broker. MQTT Broker is the middle ware that helps connect sensors and gateways to collect data and store it in any database or Big Data engine. The sensors that monitors Temperature, Humidity, Co2, Smoke and a few more critical information send data to the MQTT Broker by connecting it to a gateway. The live data received can be visualized dashboard available on the MQTTRoute. Moreover, we are about to release the MQTTRoute 3.0 version that comes up with the powerful visualization Dashboard. It comprise of pre-built Widgets that user can customize & build his / her own dashboard to visualize the data as per need. We wanted to do something for our community with MQTTRoute 3.0 by providing a powerful Dashboard with easy to create widgets which we are expecting to release it by the end of this month.

The above mentioned applications are just few that IoT Dashboard can expel in any applications. It helps people unleash the true value of IoT data by transforming it into intelligence and actions. A few weeks ago, we released an IoT Dashboard to visualize & monitor data of real-time devices connected to AWS IoT. Try downloading the Dashboard for free and get utilized with its complete features.

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