Enterprise IoT Platform

Ready to use, highly scalable & high performance platform. Connect Devices , Sensors , Mobile & Web applications seamlessly.

Works with Millions of Devices

The scalable architecture makes it possible to deploy the multiple brokers to work in parallel and will enable you to work with millions of devices.

Complete MQTT Support

Complete MQTT Support

Supports all QoS levels, WILL & Retain Messages, MQTT Authentication & Clean Session as MQTT Specifications. Works with all Standard Broker.

Faster time to Market

Web Sockets Support

Seamlessly connect Web Clients and mobile devices to the IoT Platform using the websocket supported MQTT Connectivity.

Message Queue for further processing

Message Queue

The message Queue is powered by Kafka with a predefined set of topics. Consume any topic to process and can add back your processed data to queue.

Transform MQTT Messages with rule engine

Stay relaxed and Analyse

The Broker does the core client handling and message propagation. Read and process data by connecting any data analysis engine by consuming from the message Queue.

Get Alerts & Notifications

Faster time to Market

Complete support from client to data processing to data persistence making it possible to just integrate the business case needed.

Store mqtt data in database

Store data for future

Supports persistence of Raw and Processed data into relational databases and Big data stores as needed.

Best in Class Performance

The Broker is a core C engine which is the best the best throughput of the message transfers.