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IoT Platform helps serve all your customers under one roof

The scalable architecture with IoT technology support makes it ideal for service providers to bring all their customers under one umbrella and to securely connect IoT devices and applications to your one hosted server

IoT Application Platform Features

MQTT / TCP Support

Fundamentally, any device that speaks MQTT via a TCP / IP layer can be called an MQTT client. The MQTT protocol is basically formed on TCP / IP. Both the client and the broker must have a TCP / IP layer. This TCP/IP is used in an MQTT over SSL. Bevywise IoT platform environment supports MQTT/TCP to manage IoT application building.


Multi-tenant Support

Multi-tenant device management is to manage multiple separate customer’s device data under one platform.  Allow each customer to monitor and manage their IoT devices. Each tenant will have an individual set of Authentication keys to group their devices and also permits them to create their own dashboards and rules for their devices.

Live Dashboard

To get the perfect view of your IoT real-time data from MQTT topics there is an exceptionally customizable live MQTT dashboard in platform. Create your multiple live dashboards in minutes with a variety of pre-built widgets that allow you to control all your IoT / MQTT devices and manage your devices safely.

Powerful Rule Engine

Create rules with the rule machine based on client name & title, and message & title and payload of the packet in our IoT platform. For the same incoming header / message combination, you can use multiple rules to manage your devices. This powerful rule engine plays a major role and helps in automating the device actions.

Super Admin Console

This role is as the super administrator of the user console. The super administrator can manage the level of access and responsibility of all users in an organization of the user console. They all have the highest authority to manage a system, analyze the data, administrator, and static users IoT data.

User  Hierarchy

A tree of users within your organization, divided into teams and groups. User sequencing provides a way to grant data permissions to your organization. Platform supports this IoT partner hierarchy asset to digital twin users for analyzing the data, IoT solution, azure IoT, machine learning, artificial intelligence and the user device data.

Device Grouping

Device Grouping is about creating and managing devices & collecting data from them based on departments. Administrators can create logical groups & assign users to push any actions with a single click. Groups will be listed under the IoT device Grouping section. The device grouping makes the user device manageable & provide them specific permission to take control over devices.
Historical & Comparison Report

To create valid interpretations of historical events beyond a specific time and place, either directly by comparing the users with other historical events is the Historical and Comparison report. Our platform provides comparative real-time reports for analyzing IoT data payloads and device data published in two different days or months or years.

Extensibility & Customizability
Our IoT Platform Services explicitly provide the user with custom protocol extensibility.  For the greater customization or to build complex IoT application it is necessary to pick the right IoT Platform not only to manage the devices but also to have end-to-end iot solutions.
On-premise & On Cloud Deployment

In a public cloud computing IoT platform environment, resources are hosted on the service provider’s premises, but companies can access those resources to perform predictive maintenance of their assets and use as much as they want at any time in our IoT platform.

How the Platform helps in building IoT Solutions

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CEO, Versatron Smart Networks

“The key aspect of the decision to use Bevywise as the IoT Platform provider for our needs is definitely the customer oriented approach they have. A direct conversation with a knowledgeable manager rather than deferring to a sales person or an automated commuter is definitely an important feature for us. This along with the continued support and collaboration interaction of their team is what sets Bevywise apart from the rest of providers screened before”


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