Enterprise IoT Platform

Everything you need to run an IoT end to end application. Focus on your core Business. Leverage IoT Platform and host it in your Brand. Helps reach your customers faster.

Bevywise IoT Platform

Works with Millions of Devices

The scalable architecture makes it possible to connect millions of devices and applications to your hosted application.
Elegant Dashboard to manage devices securely

Elegant Dashboard

Ready to use Dashboard for each of your customer to manage their own devices securely. Let them create Charts for their devices & send Commands & manage them.
Secure Communication

Secure Communication

Configure your devices to use unique or your customer AUTH keys to have a secure communication. Define permission for device communication Read / Write / Read-Write.
Powerful Rules for M2M Communication

Powerful Rules

Define rules to enable M2MCommunication between devices. Timer based rules for pre defined and repetitive tasks. Configuring alerts and notification based on received data.
Rest API Integration

REST API Integration

Simple and easy to use REST API for building mobile and web application specific to use case. The REST API supports customer authentication and fetch data specific to the Customer.
Easy Service Administration

Easy Service Administration

Micro Service monitors and reporting inbuilt into the platform. Super admin can use an Admin Console to view selective User data for effective support and debugging.
Runs on any cloud

Runs on any Cloud

Runs on Ubuntu. Can be hosted on AWS. Google Cloud , Azure or any dedicated servers like Rackspace or can be setup behind the firewall in constraint environment.

Take pride with your Brand

The platform can be completely rebranded and hosted as your own application. Impress your customers with complete solution under your Brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between MQTTRoute and MQTTServer ?

MQTTServer is an extendable MQTT Platform where you can write your own extension to analyse the data processed by the MQTTServer. You can write your own rule engine to make decisions. MQTTRoute is ready to use and can run on a single machine and can allow client connections based on the machine configuraiton.

2. How much clients does your mqtt server support ?

The MQTT Server is horizontally scalable framework. You can add as many mqtt processing brokers in parallel to scale based on the number of clients you want to connect.

3. Does MQTT Server support Distributed Environment?

Yes, you can host different components of the mqtt server in different VMs for better performance.

4. Can I develop my own Extension ?

Yes, mqtt server keeps the mqtt messages received from the different clients. You can write your own extension to read and process the data queue.

5. Is MQTTServer transform the message with rules?

Yes, there is a separate package available in MQTTServer. You can use it when you need.

6. Is MQTT Server supports UI?

Yes, You can view the client details in the browser.

7. What are the components you can customize ?

You can customize anything you want based on the business need. The broker core and the distribution engine are the core components.