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All in one MQTT framework

Everything you need to start managing your customers & their IoT devices.

Reliable for mission-critical applications

Reliably collect Device data, visualize, process & analyze data for all needful applications.

High performing & scalable

Conveniently scales to millions of devices with high messaging throughput.

serve multiple customers

Manage multiple customers

Ability to serve multiple customers under one common platform. It is also easier to extend the advantages of data to your customers. Let your customers have separate real time data view to manage their connected devices & visualize data.

Manage customer

Bring customers on board

Service provider console to manage & monitor your customers usage and allowances. It is now easier to bring customers onboard, easier to scale & easier to provide them support in terms of updates & maintenance.

Micro services architecture

Micro services architecture

A microservice based architecture can monitor, process, and heal applications rapidly. White labeling to set up the platform as your own IoT product/service with your own branding.

Extend functionality

Extend the default functionality

Extend the default platform functionality by deploying custom modules to perform advanced data analytics, device management, IoT data visualization, machine learning & more. Build user-centric custom mobile/desktop & web applications by just designing the user interaction & getting IoT solutions running.

decode iiot data

MQTT Sparkplug B Support

Our MQTT Platform effortlessly decodes data gathered from IIoT devices, presenting it in a user-friendly format for improved insights. Valuable information is readily available for visualization, eliminating the need to rely on host server applications for message decoding. Additionally, our platform supports protobuf, streamlining communication and reducing data size during transmission.



E.ZAMORA, CEO, Versatron Smart Networks

 The key aspect of the decision to use Bevywise as the IoT Platform provider for our needs is definitely the customer oriented approach they have. A direct conversation with a knowledgeable manager rather than deferring to a sales person or an automated commuter is definitely an important feature for us. This along with the continued support and collaboration interaction of their team is what sets Bevywise apart from the rest of providers screened before.  

Mr. Ekrem Duygu

Mr. Ekrem Duygu,Faz3 IoT, Turkey

  Bevywise has been an excellent partner in the development of our IoT platform. Thanks to their flexibility and rapid response, they demonstrated a reliable performance at every stage of the project. They impressed us with their professional approach and quality results. We definitely recommend Bevywise.  

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