Admin Console

Create & Manage User

  • Supports multi-tenancy providing better tracking / control of operation through admin console.
  •  Bring Customers / Users on board to leverage the best of resources for lesser cost & maximum efficiency.
  • Create user or organizations and provide access to the user to login to IoT platform.
  • Create & edit user accounts and user groups and assign access rights to a user or device group.
  • Add, block, or unblock the tenant below the created user.

Managing User Credentials

  • Authentication ensures, only trusted user / customer is allowed to connect devices.
  • Know whether the connected device is trustworthy and is working on behalf of the trusted user.
  • Assign individual Authentication keys & token to the created users.
  • Disable / Enable, or Inactivate the Authkeys and tokens from admin console as needed.

Monitor & Control Devices

  • Track & monitor devices remotely to minimize downtime and to avoid unexpected operational problems.
  • Provides granular control to the admin to group devices & machines based on departments.
  • Monitor and manage each customer and their devices / device groups individually.
  • Connect / Disconnect the devices from admin console as needed.

Dashboards & Widgets Creation

  • Customizable dashboards to integrate widgets based on Business / Industrial needs.
  • Compare process levels with nominal/ideal levels to make decisive decisions.
  • Have better visual comparisons and deduct anomalies to respond quickly.
  • Admin can provide access to their customers to login and view only the created dashboards & widgets.