Build Custom Apps over the Platform

IoT needs a lot of customization for various use cases within a single implementation. IoT Platform provides REST API , Mobile SDK , FCM Integration & Data interception to extend the IoT Platform and build custom apps.

REST API for any Application

IoT Platform provides a powerful REST API for all possible combination of data you can pull out for the Database & Big Data Engine. You can use these API to build customer and u use case centric, mobile / desktop and web application. You can also add widgets to your existing applications.

Build Apps for Apple IoS & Android

Over the REST API, we have build SDK for the IoS and Android which can be used by Solution providers to build their mobile apps by just designing the User Interaction and get the application running by integrating the SDK. The Source of the SDK is available as well for customization as needed.


Customized Alerts & Notifications

IoT Platform and the Mobile SDK are closely integrated with the Firebase cloud messaging system to help developers just configure the messages and notification that needs to be sent to the Mobile Applications. The Web platform as well is integrated with the Websocket based notification engine for notifications on the web UI.