Seamlessly Connect your Devices

IoT Platform connectivity allows you to connect your edge devices and gateways via MQTT over TCP and Websockets. You can connect using SSL or Non SSL layer based on how you set your platform.


Let the Platform remember your device

Support for the Keepalive for a slow connection and longer battery life. Platform remembers about your subscriptions on reconnect. Retains messages till your device comes alive again.

Multiple Devices below One Connection

In Industrial designs a device or a gateway always represent a lot of sensors and actuators behind it. Instruct and allow the platform to monitor and manage them individually by IoT platform connectivity.

Design your Implementation

It is very important to design your messages and responses from your devices to have a perfect overall communication of the devices, Platform and your application. Some tips to help you make it perfect

Ready to use Clients

Prebuilt Client code for ESP8266, Windows 32 , Windows 64, Ubuntu, Raspian and Mac that can handle server connectivity and data communication. You just need to read and convert the voltage and convert into Data. Rest will be taken care.


Looking for assistance?

We always stand by our cutomers to help you build the best possible device for your use cases.