Dynamic Live Widgets

Key Indicator Widgets

Display trends over a period with the pre-built IoT platform dynamic widgets that captures your performance metrics to give you a real-time view of state of your Business & Industry KPI for easing performance volatility.

Control over industrial parameters

Collect, manage and visualize your industrial data with pre-configured visual IoT platform dynamic widgets. know your machine behavior with gauges or historical data charts and visualize each parameters, device or alarm to speed up your enterprise processes and make your manufacturing industry a lot more productive.

Monitor Industrial KPIs

Scalable to fit all industrial deployments & Monitors pressure, temperature, filtration, liquid levels and some other parameters with pressure gauges, temperature gauges, tank level gauges and speed Indicators etc. Horizontal and vertical gauge to display pressure in an integral unit and also vertical distances in automotive industry.

Visual Comparison

Visualize the changes and improvements in the industrial process that can provide a favourable boost to operators and a much easier one to understand than a series of numbers in dashboard. Gauge chart and Donut chart to view changes in the health of clients in the health and fitness industry. These widgets can facilitate work and accelerate almost any business activity.


Anomaly Deduction

Captures changes in real-time data non-intrusively and helps in analysing data-in-motion in order to respond to time-sensitive operational events such as change in power, temperature, pressure, weather conditions in power plant and energy industries and also monitoring the patient’s health parameters in health care.

Monitoring Fluctuations

Monitors energy parameters such as supply voltage, Amplitude, voltage fluctuations, current and power factor which acts as the key factors in energy monitoring to have a better efficiency.

Make proactive decisions

Enables vendors, suppliers and many logistic organizations to pinpoint defects in supply chain management by capturing a common logistic parameters such as warehouse capacity, number of shipments, inventory to sales ratio, value of damages goods etc. to make predictive analysis for proactive decisions to mitigate challenges and to make an accurate and timely decisions.

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