Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between MQTTRoute and MQTTServer ?

MQTTServer is an extendable MQTT Platform where you can write your own extension to analyse the data processed by the MQTTServer. You can write your own rule engine to make decisions. MQTTRoute is ready to use and can run on a single machine and can allow client connections based on the machine configuraiton.

How much clients does your mqtt server support ?

The MQTT Server is horizontally scalable framework. You can add as many mqtt processing brokers in parallel to scale based on the number of clients you want to connect.

Does MQTT Server support Distributed Environment?

Yes, you can host different components of the mqtt server in different VMs for better performance.

Can I develop my own Extension ?

Yes, mqtt server keeps the mqtt messages received from the different clients. You can write your own extension to read and process the data queue.

Is MQTTServer transform the message with rules?

Yes, there is a separate package available in MQTTServer. You can use it when you need.

Is MQTT Server supports UI?

Yes, You can view the client details in the browser.

What are the components you can customize ?

You can customize anything you want based on the business need. The broker core and the distribution engine are the core components.