Secure IoT Platform end points

 All End points from the Edge Devices to the Hosted IoT Platform to the Mobile Applications are secured in data transfer as well as data access

Secure Device Communication

  • Connect devices with the Server Securely via TLS / SSL.
  • Use Self Signed Certificates created using OpenSSL.
  • Certificates provided by any Certificate Authority like LetsEncrypt.

MQTT Authentication

  • Use a common token for a group of devices.
  • Assign an individual AuthKey and Token.
  • READ ONLY, WRITE ONLY & READ/WRITE based keys to control data flow.
  • Disable/Enable or Delete the Auth Tokens as needed.

Custom Authentication

Custom Authentication helps you get the Authentication token form any end point of your convenience. The Platform will send you a HTTP request with Client, authentication tokens received from the edge device to the specified authentication servers. Custom authentication is supported for large deployments for a single customer.

Application Security

The Web interface, REST API and Mobile SDKs are build over a strong back end framework to be secure against all phishing attacks. You can also add your ssl certificate using any CA like LetsEncrypt and have your customers and other application access your server via a secure layer.