Time for the Big Step

Boost your Productivity multi fold. Adding IoT reduce costs, enhances data collection, improves decision making and reduce operational overheads.

Connected Transport

Track vehicle location & performance and aggregate data to the cloud. With the Learning algorithms in the clouds, you will be able to understand the current problems better and make necessary changes, so that the promised delivery is no more missed.

Predictive Maintenance

What if your ships fail at the middle of the sea with tonnes of load ? IoT enables you to monitor all the dynamic components of your transport, factory and track when it is time for maintenance. Predictive maintenance will help you save a lot of money.

Remote Management

IoT keeps every device connected. You will be able to monitor and manage each and every device at your will with your Mobile Phone or tablet from wherever you are. Remote monitoring and management of devices help you get things done with a lowered cost.

Connected Factory

Boost productivity with a continuous data from all your connected industrial equipment. Know about the performance and the use value of every equipment. Plan your maintenance to ensure zero downtime. Embracing Industry 4.0 will help you grow multi fold.

Smart City

Everything from Water, Waste & power management can be automated completely with the IoT. Enable remote monitoring for the public resources & surveillance. Emergency Management and city Transport regulations can be made better.

Make everything smart

The key to future success is connecting all the devices in your process to get the best out of the them. Make all devices smart to communicate with each other.

Powerful data analytics with AI

Decide with Data

Raw data does not take you anywhere. The Rule engine & the IoT Platform can analyse data based on your industry to help you make the best decision.

Expertise in any industry

Customized for Verticals

We have agents that work on varied devices and the IoT Platform is highly extendable and scalable to make it portable for all industrial needs.

Faster time to Market

Faster time to Market

Time is money. Availability of end to end products like Clients, gateway & IoT Platform with custom module enable us to deliver at the earliest.

Stay ahead of Competition

Adding inteligence to your devices and process helps you stand out from your competition and get advantage of the latest technology to boost productivity.