IoT over MQTT

In MQTT, Your IoT / IIoT manager application should be built over your Broker and not behind an edge client that subscribes to all topics.






Optimize your production

Manufacturing Productivity measurement is overlooked and calculated with skewed data. Measuring it right is with OEE – A combination of Availability, Productivity & Quality is the first step to improvement. Improving OEE will improve your overall efficiency & revenue.


Select Best Protocol

Few Protocols / Frameworks are good for Collecting information from edge devices ( MQTT , CoAP, etc) and Few are good for Application building (HTTP,WebSocket, FCM Push, etc.,). IoT Application is a combination of Data collection & Presentation. Use the right protocols for the right purpose for a better result.


Control command to edge device

 When you send a control command to an edge device, the device should always be programmed to send a feedback to close the loop to make sure the manager applications provides a meaningful message back to the dashboard.


Building custom IoT solutions

 In Industry 4.0, Data Interpretation and visualization varies largely between companies and most times across different departments within a particular factory, Businesses building IoT Implementation for Industries should understand these dynamics and build their custom solution.


Drive your decision-making

 Industry 4.0 provides the ability to rapidly collect, prepare and process data in real time. In order to drive towards better productivity move your process from reactive to proactive decision making.


Use right simulation tools

 IoT Implementation involves a lot of small data collection at the edge. But when we sum them up, a large chunk of data is transmitted every second. Deploying solutions without a proper capacity planning and testing will cause huge loss. Use proper Simulation tools to review the capacity before deployment.


Set event based rules

 Not every Application need the complete ML / AI Implementation. Most of the simple requirements can be achieved with simple event based rules. Create Powerful TODOs and corrective actions with Rules engine inside the IoT Applications.