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As manufacturing leaders and department supervisors, you possess impressive skills in understanding dynamics and forecasting outcomes accurately. However, given the complex and diverse range of materials, processes, and quality data in manufacturing, we believe we can help you with improved tools for analyzing data and predicting outcomes more effectively.

Take a spin with our Beta version of the plan prediction AI engine and discover its potential.

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Proactive Vision

Predict your shop-floor outcome in advance

Insightful Analysis Insightful Analysis

Insightful Analysis

Our AI Engine delves deeper into the data beyond human perception to drive insightful and thoughtful decisions in planning and other actionable areas.

 Precision Forecasting  Precision Forecasting

Precision Forecasting

We believe that optimal planning will improve execution and consequently, the outcome. With this emphasis, we have maximized the precision of our forecasting algorithm for planning.

 Precision Forecasting  Precision Forecasting

Data-Driven Decision

The algorithms keep learning as the data grows. With MachineTwin AI, the permutations and combinations of data with numerous variations cannot deceive your decisions anymore.

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How does it work?

Our AI Engine operates by utilizing your existing records. You simply upload your past performance records as well as a file outlining your future requirements. You can also use the provided template for input data. Fill it with your actual data, following the same format, and then update the files accordingly. Once uploaded, you can activate the prediction engine, which analyzes your records and produces a final result. This record provides a prediction on whether your desired requirements are achievable or not.

Download the input data template

Fill in the template with your actual data in the same format.

Upload both the XLSX files and run the prediction engine.

You'll receive your plan prediction in a XLSX file.

Predict your next month's plan now!

Predict Now
*We don't store your data | No credit card required
 Automate your plan prediction

MES & MachineTwin - A Killer Combo

Automate your plan prediction

Plan and planning were never rigid and fixed. Faster and slower execution on the shop floor always required dynamic schedules. Although shop floor planning was done on a fortnightly or monthly basis, day-to-day changes for 50% of the machines were expected. MachineTwin can help bridge this dynamic behaviour, optimizing and controlling plan changes in an efficient way.

MachineTwin PlanInsight can integrate with any MES Solutions planning and production reporting modules, helping you deliver more without increasing overheads.

Explore how MachineTwin and Bevywise MES can be integrated.

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