rejection & re-work

Rejection & Re-work

  • Identify and remove products or components that do not meet the pre-determined quality standards during the manufacturing process.
  • Monitor and detect the cases of rejected items, capture data on the types and frequencies of rejection, and get insights into the root cause of the quality issues.
  • Also, subject the defective items to the process of correcting and reprocessing that can be salvageable reducing waste and improving resource efficiency.
quality measurement

Quality Measurement & SPC

  • Measuring quality by collecting data on key quality parameters such as dimensions, weight, color, and other product-specific attributes. Capturing such precise data can then be analyzed and compared with pre-defined quality standards.
  • Quality control in manufacturing is inevitable. So, with our MES Solutions, manufacturers will gain real-time visibility and can monitor the quality trends with statistical method (SPC) to predict/deduct variations, trends and anomalies that may impact product quality triggering preventive actions.
yield analysis over time

Yield Analysis over time

  • The retrieved data on quality inspection, acceptable products, and multiple rejections report the overall production and yield data on a live and historical dashboard.
  • These data collected across multiple production cycles provide a comprehensive analysis of yield trends and fluctuations in any specified timeframe.
  • Analyzing yield data over time helps manufacturers understand the underlying factors influencing yield fluctuations and provides insights into potential areas for process optimization and yield enhancement.