Bevywise MQTT Broker is now accessible in AWS Marketplace

FREE MQTT Broker on AWS Marketplace

Our FREE MQTT Broker version is now ready to deploy with ease on AWS EC2 by using our pre-built AMIs. A quick launch & convenient installation puts up a fully functional Bevywise MQTT Broker AWS EC2 instance with the sizing of your choice on your AWS account.

Product Overview

  • Customizable user interface with multiple dashboard creation & live widgets, device listing, device logs, sample client code, Sys Topic to view individual connect device details, and also with secure login to access the user interface.
  • Built-in Rule engine to automate device actions with condition-based alerts based on received payload.
  • Powerful extensions include Custom storage, Custom data store, Custom scheduler, Custom UI Server and Custom Authentication which allows users to write their own code to build their own application faster & easier. For example please refer to this blog.  To know more, please refer to this document.
  • REST API to connect MQTT broker to the user web applications / integrate your Mobile applications.
  • Supports flexible security options such as TLS/SSL, X.506 Authorization, Device-level & Remote level authentication.
  • Store MQTT data in SQLITE by default. Also provides customizable storage options to store data in MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL or any other big data engines like Elastic Search & custom storage.
  • Easy integration with any data visualization tool and big data engine using the Custom store feature. To view our pre-built integration, please refer to this page.
  • Support all languages. You can change the User interface to any language.

 What you can expect

  • Completely FREE without functional restrictions.
  • Supports connection up to 25 devices.
  • Default MQTT data storage option is SQLITE. SQLIte will be efficient only for smaller data sizes. In that case, you can configure data storage to store data in MySQL, Elastic or any big data engines.
  • Email support with response time of 48 hours.



Steps to quickly launch MQTT Broker

  • Choose a region you want to deploy your FREE MQTT Broker instance.
  • Choose an appropriate instance size for your EC2 instance & configure instance details.
  • Set up your storage configuration.
  • In order to make your MQTTRoute instance accessible to your MQTT clients, it’s important to expose the port 1883, 80, 8081 in security group.
  • Launch AMI & navigate with your browser to <Your Instance IP >.
  • You will be able to access user interface at http://<yourinstanceip>/  by using the login credentials as admin / admin.

Changing Database for MQTT Broker

  • Navigate to your EC2 instance.
  • Click connect & select SSH client
  • Now copy SSH for pem file which is located below Example.
  • Now run the SSH command in your terminal.
  • Then you will get server access to change DB in pem file.
  • Move to opt/Bevywise/MQTTRoute/conf 
  • Change the DB_SERVER= MYSQL / MSSQL / POSTGRES inside conf.
  • Then, provide your MySQL / MSSQL / POSTGRES root password, For Example in MYSQL_PASSWORD =
  • Now your MQTT data will be stored in your preferred DB.

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