IoT Data Analytics and Processing

Process Data for AI / ML

Data preparation is the first step to integrate AI and ML. Crunch your raw data by programming your own way to automate your machine learning process. Process your data by applying all arithmetic and logical operators. Aggregate the data using your own algorithm and store it in the indexed buckets of big data analytics platforms like elastic or your customized storage engine.


Event based AI tasks

Process your data based on the predefined time interval to execute an Artificial Intelligence tasks using the scheduling module. You can execute your tasks based on machine/device events over the received and process data. You can push data to the MQTT dashboard to generate alarms and notifications.

Real-time Data Analysis for IoT Applications

MQTT is a lightweight protocol suitable for Internet of Things (IoT) Analytics. MQTT Broker uses the Publisher / Subscriber model for communication and data exchange and assists users in distributing telemetry data with minimal network resource consumption. The distributed IoT data is collected and stored in a scalable and fault-tolerant way. Visualize your data sets in real-time through the MQTT broker user interface and transform your IoT data into actionable insights with custom widgets on the MQTT Dashboard.


Rule Engine for IoT Data Analytics

The IoT rule engine enables continuous processing and analysis of data sent by connected devices with extensible rule chains based on the conditions provided. Transfer data to external frameworks to create alert events based on the received topic or messages. Upgrade server-side functionality and manage your devices with exceptionally customizable rules.

Custom Data Integration

In addition to supporting the MQTT broker, users can use their own transport implementation or customize the behavior of existing protocols. Increase the MQTT Broker’s default functionality with custom Rule Chains, User Interface, Dashboards with custom Widgets, Scheduling, and Datastore implementations for processing the data and analyze data by adding your own server-side code.


IoT Data Security

IoT data is encrypted in transit using Bevywise MQTT Broker’s built-in user authentication and authorization. The data transfers are protected from devices to enterprise systems by industry-standard user-defined authentication, and integration of the authorization logic.

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Process data for AI / ML