High Availability


Active-Passive High availability clustering

Active / Passive mode to provision multiple message broker in parallel to collect & publish messages from devices. The MQTT Broker in active mode will handle all the requests from the devices and from the Web UI. The second broker in passive mode will be a hot standby which will start working when the central broker is down preventing the message failures.

Fault Tolerant

Fault-tolerant & resilient clusters

Ensure your MQTT Broker is incessantly running without any failures with the distributed cluster set up. The cluster set up will ace up your sleeve when any of the MQTT Broker becomes unreachable by enabling failover. The fault-tolerance mode enables you to efficiently run an IoT deployment of tens of thousands of devices.


Self-healing when network splits

The MQTT Broker in cluster set up will heal itself in error or failure scenarios such as network breach or any sort of connectivity issues between cluster nodes make an appearance. The high availability cluster as an entity will always be available as long as at least a single broker node is still fine ensuring no interruptions on the client side.

 Zero downtime

Zero downtime

Ensures 99.99% of data collection to be successful irrespective of any software / hardware failure. A reliably distributed cluster architecture with cluster overload maintenance.


Highly Customizable MQTT Dashboard

MQTT Broker offer options to secure your IoT connected devices by tackling data protection issues