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Powerful Data Visualization

Extend the User interface module with the best MQTT Broker to present the data in a way your industry needs. Add live charts & Graphs using the data received over web socket on your dashboard. Integrate your data queries & widgets to suit your industrial needs. Create historical graphs using crunched data created by data aggregation module.

Choose your MQTT Broker Storage

MQTT Broker stores stateful data in MySQL and payloads in Elastic Search by default. Hack the Customstore module to push data to any big data store such as MongoDB, Redis or any application.You can hook it and send to any data visualization tool for powerful analysis and decision-making.

Prepare MQTT data for Artificial Inteligence

Program your own way to crunch your data. Data crunching the first step to automate your machine learning process. You will be able to apply all arithmetic & logical operators to process your data and store it in buckets as needed.

Event & Schedule based AI Tasks

Configure the MQTT Broker to execute tasks based on machine / device events over the received data and process data. Push data to the MQTT Dashboard to generate alarms & notifications.

Complete MQTT Support

Built as per the MQTT 3.1 & 3.1.1 specification. Support all levels of QoS such as QoS 0, QoS 1, QoS 2, WILL , Last Retain, wild card subscription. Support for Clean Session 0 & 1 to support persistent and clean connection. MQTT Authentication and encryption of data over TLS / SSL. Handles both transient Error and protocol violation error based on MQTT specification.

Run MQTT Server with Docker

MQTTRoute can be dockerized and easily managed. You can run it as an independent docker or can be controlled via Kubernettes alone with your other applications as needed. Dockerized version can run on Windows & Linux.

Extend MQTT Broker with Python

Built on C & Python to provide the best of both the worlds. C is the core engine that increases the throughput while python helps in easy customization of the broker. All extendable modules like connecting to any big data engine, customizing user interface, data preparation can be done with Python.

Secure Cloud MQTT Hosting

Host your own MQTT server securely on any private cloud servers like Amazon EC2, AzureGCP, Rackspace, digitalocean or any private network behind your enterprise firewall for your data security.

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Customer Accolades

“ Bevywise MQTT Broker is very reliable, powerful and a very affordable solution. The support understood our technical issues and solved them efficiently. We are happy for our decision to choose Bevywise for our Industry4.0 Implementation.”

Ihsan Gulec,

Measurement & Control Engineer,

Celikler Holding. Turkey.

“ We have been using MQTTRoute for our IIoT applications at Promethean Energy. From the stress tests we have put the software through, it scales up seamlessly, which is critical for any such applications. Apart from the robust software, I need to make special mention of the support that we have received from the very professional Bevywise team. ”

Ashwin K.P. ,

Head – Energy Efficiency,

Promethean Energy Pvt Ltd.