Optimize your manufacturing OEE for better production

Enhance your manufacturing Overall Equipment Effectiveness with OEE software to measure the productivity in your manufacturing process and real-time data capture for bird’s eye view of your production.


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Crafted for small to medium size manufacturing industries


A complete view of your shop-floor production. Visualize the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) of machines for the Availability, Performance, and Quality of Industrial Productivity with OEE software. Make an easy and deeper analysis with powerful dashboards & outright production reports.

How Pace DPR works?

With the high-level capabilities of collecting and sending data throughout manufacturing operation / processes, Pace DPR has the objective of providing entirely flexible OEE solutions to assist stakeholders in achieving their production goals.

Monitor Production KPIs

Provides the real-time status of the complete shop floor. Analyze Planned production time, ideal cycle time, and visualize the overall equipment effectiveness measures of each machine on a screen based on the specific day or shift. Shift-based & hourly production reports for better equipment performance tracking in the manufacturing process. OEE calculation is done with these three factors such as availability, performance, and quality. Track these OEE scores of each machine to improve your production lines in the manufacturing process.


Take control over productivity

Make your machine effectiveness analysis easier by checking the key quality parameters in each machine and overall machines of your production process. Check the working efficiency of the individual and overall machine to enhance your production in world-class. Evaluate and map your current workflow, then start finding places where processes or technology could be improved. The OEE data in real time enables you to improve the productivity of existing machines by reducing stop time.

Connect & collect data from any Machine.

Before measuring OEE, it’s important to figure out what will be measured. Finding losses in terms of availability, performance, and quality are the essentials. The data that will be recorded differs from machine to machine. Tracked data in each machine can cause behavioural changes that provides continuous improvement in the shop floor productivity. Prevent the problems by using the gathered data from any machine before they happen. Once the machine begins collecting all of this data, then analyse the information gathered to increase productivity in the shop floor.

manual logs

Manual Logs

Make a focus on each & every machine’s preventive action and machine downtime.  Adjust your production plans so you don’t have to stay overtime. Manual logging of downtime reasons helps manufacturers to find the accurate downtime data from the machine and also the data that provides “why” behind these downtime reasons. Minimize the problems of machine downtime and take action to avoid big losses in productivity.  The information regarding bad quantity reasons can enable you to minimize the quality loss by producing only good parts.

Generate Reports

Get your general production shift based on cumulative reports and hourly production reports with planned production time, availability, performance, and quality of each machine in your manufacturing process. Analyse the manufacturing activity and the physical flow of production. Analyse manufacturing industries day to day performance very well what all production & production-related reports from hourly production reports with OEE software. The cumulative reports provide information on the production history & summarize the factory’s production with the past year.


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