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Monitor your production process with the real-time status

OEE - Daily production reports

Measure Production with OEE

Monitors your production process with real-time status. OEE calculation can be done related to the three OEE factors such as availability, performance, and quality.

Overall Business Efficiency

The OEE calculation begins with the planned production time. Evaluate Planned production time, ideal cycle time, and visualize the overall performance of your machines in a screen based on the current day or shift. Check the working efficiency of your machines and enhance your manufacturing OEE today.

Individual Machine Effectiveness

Make your analysis easier by checking the run time and downtime of individual machines separately. Check the OEE score of each machine to track and improve your manufacturing performance. Get deeper analysis with each machine.

Predict Problems in Production

Identify the flaws and errors in your production system using obtained OEE. Enables you to make necessary decisions at the right time.

Quick access to weak spots

Drill down deeper into each machine, identify and fix the quality issues to increase OEE. Make a decision on continuous improvement not by guess but with the accurate OEE data.

Get notified with rejects

The accurate data on OEE along with rejects and unplanned stops will be reported. This enables your production manager to make confident decisions.

Make Right Decisions

Get easy access to the OEE data needed for decision-making to continuously improve the productivity and quality.

Increase Productivity

The OEE data collection enables you to improve the productivity of existing machines by reducing stop time. Satisfy your production plans without the need to rely on overtime work.

Improve Quality

The data on bad quantity produced will enable you to minimize the rejects. This increases your product quality with improvement in your OEE and reputation in the market.

Connect Any Machines

Get an easy connection with any machines in your production line to meet the needs of manufacturers with the improved communication.

Protocols Supported

Supports protocols such as Ethernet, Profibus, Profinet, Modbus-RS485, RS232, TCP, Ethernet/IP, MTConnect, OPC UA, DA, CAN.

HMIs Supported

Interact with your machines through HMIs to optimize your industrial process. Benefits a facility in operation, safety, and productivity.

Manufacturers Supported

Will suit all types of manufacturing industries and provide end to end data from each and every level of manufacturing process. Provide complete support to the manufacturers.

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